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Sokyo @ Star

Do you remember when Star City looked like a backwater RSL? These days its all fancy-pants, complete with a spate of GFG hatted restaurants, including Momofuku, Black by Ezard, Balla, as well as The Century (a spin off of Golden Century), and a ‘desert train’ (!) by Zumbo. And yes, I have been to all of them.

Sokyo = Sydney+Tokyo – is not in the dining precinct of Star City, but in The Darling, its adjoining hotel, which apparently, ladies, has a seriously awesome day spa (males please note). This is my third Sokyo visit and I’m really looking forward to it, hoping it was as good as I’d remembered. We are ushered down some stairs, a section of the restaurant I didn’t know about, but it’s quite nice and private down there, and a little quieter. You do feel like you’re not in the thick of it, but in the main restaurant area it does get very very noisy. They’ve got this strange countless-ropes-hanging-from-ceilings thing going on, and I’m wondering if there’s a Cirque du Soleil demo happening later in the meal.

There will be a lot that’s tempting, so I certainly recommend coming with a few friends so you get to try more. The wait staff are plentiful and we are well looked after. Tick.

We start Kingfish Miso Ceviche – devine. Wished I didn’t have to share.


Salmon and Prawn Sushi Roll


Tuna with crispy rice – love the texture of this.


Red Snapper Tempura & Cuttlefish Tempura. These guys are tempura kings, its some of the lightest, most delicate tempura I’ve had.


Duck with Witlof, nashi pear salad, warm orange soy – a generous serve, beautiful duck and a a refrehsing salad.


“Kobe Cuisine” Wagyu Tenderloin with Pumpkin, wasabi butter, shio konbu jus. Seriously tender. Seriously good.


Yamazaki Caramel Macchiato with Coffee ice cream, coco nibs, whisky foam. “By the way ma’am”, says our charming waiter, “that is your dessert, not your coffee”, he explains. Apparently they’ve had people pick it up and try to sip it. With the coffee ice cream, it’s a great alternative caffeine hit, and we scoop up every last bit.


We didn’t have it this time, but I also really recommend the lamb with eggplant puree.

The Napoli Household was divided as to whether this or Sake is better, but they both have some great dishes, and the pricing is similar.  Definitely one for the to do list.

Sokyo, Level G, The Darling, The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont Ph (02) 9777 9000

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Momofuku Seiobo @ Star

So, after watching the time counter on the website with the intensity of a shark watching its prey, and clicking at the right millisecond we finally got a booking. I just had to see if this place lived up to the hype.

Now at $175 per head for 14 courses, I’m thinking Tetsuyas, Vue due Monde, Claudes. Fine dining this is not, in fact we all did a bit of a double take at the ‘casualness’ of the place. No tablecloths, the chefs wearing baseball caps, and very few staff attending to your every whim. In fact the chef who makes each course brings it straight to the table to serve it when ready, which minimises the staffing, but they could use some elocution training to talk up the dish they have laid in front of us. We often had to ask them to repeat themselves. Its like the distinction between Sales and Trading in FX.

You don’t get a menu, so you don’t know what’s coming. They do give you one at the end with the bill but it only contains two or three words for each dish listing the ingredients and not a description of the dish (so I’ve done my best with names). The dishes don’t have the ‘wow’ presentation of say a Gastro Park, Bentley or Vue Due Monde – and so the bursts of flavour do surprise – and there is none of the kitchen theatre and artistry you see in the latter – its a quiet, calm, orderly place (except for the booming music).

First we had a little ‘snack plate’: Snacks of shitake chips, mochi, nori and smoked potato. (‘ma’am we don’t allow flash photography here’ – really? Are you kidding me? Hence the photos are a bit dark). Some really interesting flavours and textures here.

Then here is what we had on the savoury side:

Steamed pork bun – pork belly, cucumber and hoisin sauce (soooo good could have had 10 of these)

Striped trumpeter with blood orange (nice, but not better than you’d get at any good Japanese)

Marron served with fennel and a squid ink puree (beautiful fresh flavours)

Beef with radish and fermented black bean (the beef is hidden under the radish….good but not outstanding)

Smoked eel, Jerusalem artichoke. If you’re a Jerusalem artichoke fan you’ll like this, so I did.

Mud crab with butter, pepper and pudding. Flavour flavour flavour – an outstanding dish.

Egg with toasted rice and brown butter. Unusual dish, I liked the toasted rice.

Pea angolotti with a parmesan foam. I loved this, like the crab dish, flavours going on everywhere, and the texture of the parmesan was amazing.

Mulloway – cant remember what this was served with, but this dish was a stunner, 12/10.

Lamb neck with cauliflower and mustard. Bit disappointing, lamb was overcooked, nothing special.

And on the sweet

Pecorino with honey licorice and bee pollen (really unusual flavour combination), Poached peach with rose wafers, miso icecream with cherries (hidden underneath). The textured stuff on top of the icecream – not sure what it was – was fantastic.

Overall I wasn’t particularly impressed by the deserts. They were unique but not tantalising, but I did love the rosewater wafers.

Just when we said we were all totally full, there was a surprise dish, number 15, a candied 8 hour slow cooked sweet pork, which isn’t even listed on the menu they give you later on. We devoured this so fast (you have to eat it with your fingers, don’t wait for cutlery), we forgot to take a photo. It was melt-in-your-mouth devine. They kindly offered us a doggy bag if we were too full but there was no chance we were leaving even a morsel on that plate.

So the verdict – at $175 I think its a bit punchy, I’m thinking its more a $130-140 menu and set up. But as it only seats 30 odd people, they’ll be able to stretch this pricing out for a while till everyone who wants to go does. Would I go back? Maybe. But its not a once a year thing, maybe every couple.

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