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The Banquet Edition – Sydney Restaurant Banquets


I am often being asked – where can I take a group and get a banquet? I don’t mind banquets when you’re with a crowd (or I’ll very happily take charge of a la carte ordering for the group if given the leeway, as anyone who knows me will tell you), they are easy and no thinking required.  But sometimes there is that one dish (or two) on the a la carte menu that you really really want to try that isn’t a part of the set banquet.  I often find that if you call in advance and ask, a  lot of places are willing to make a substitution or two.

So here’s a roundup of banquets around Sydney, budget and luxe, please feel free to add any I have missed. Most of them need a minimum of 4 people, though some are for 10 plus groups. Also check carefully as some have a compulsory service charge for groups of a certain size.

Obviously Asian food wins hands down in this category, in terms of the number of options and price point, with Italian a close second. If you’d also like a private dining room, see my list here.


Ventuno, Walsh Bay – $25, $35 and $50 menus

ACME, Rushcutters Bay – $60 menu

Café Sopra, Waterloo – $70

La Casa, Russell Lea – $44, $54 and $69 menus

Gatto Matto, Five Dock – $43, $53, $62 menus

Terrazza, Chatswood – $40, $50 and $60 menus

Via Napoli, Lane Cove – $35 and $45 menus

Mercato E Cucina, Gladesville – $40, $50, $65, and $85 menus

Asian – Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Modern Asian

China Lane, Sydney CBD – $59 and $75 and $92 menus

Red Lantern, East Sydney and Surry Hills  – $69, $85 and $145 menus

Cho Cho San, Potts Point – $65 menu

Longrain, Surry Hills – $65

Billy Kwong, Potts Point – $75

Mr Wong, Sydney CBD – $68, $88, $118, and $148 menus

Golden Century, China Town and Pyrmont – $44, $55, $77, and $88 menus

Jade Temple, Sydney, $75 and $95 menus

Bar H, Surry Hills  – $79

Moon Park – $65 menu

Ms G’s, Potts Point – $65

Neptune’s Palace, Sydney CBD – $48, $68, and $88 and $108 menus

Spice Temple, Sydney CBD – $75 and $95 menus

The Malaya, Sydney CBD – $55 menu

Palace, Sydney CBD – $38, $52, $68, $108 menus

Blue Eye Dragon, Pyrmont – $50 and $60 menus

Chinta Ria, Sydney CBD – $36, $42, and $48 menus

Bay Tinh, Crows Nest – $35 and $39 menus

Thai Pothong, Newtown – $31, $37, $43 and $48 menus

Tapioca, Neutral Bay – $50 and $60 menus

Lotus Dumpling Bar, The Rocks – $49 and $59 menus

Chat Thai, Westfield Sydney – $35 and $40 menus

Mama’s Buoi, Crows Nest – $49 menu


Sake, The Rocks – $88

Azuma, Sydney CBD – $68 and $88 menus

Tokonoma, Sydney CBD – $98 menu

Osaka Trading Co, Tramsheds – $50 menu

Toshiya, Cremorne – $39

Toko, Surry Hills – $78 and $98 menus

Jazushi, Surry Hills – $48 and $55 menus


The Apollo, Potts Point – $75

The Animal, Newtown – $50

1821, Sydney – $75 and $110


Felix, Sydney – $50 & $60 (two or three courses)

Hubert, Sydney – $85 and $125 menus

Bistro Gavroche – $75 menu

Middle Eastern

Lillah, Lane Cove – $40 and $50 menus

El Phoenician, The Rocks – $50, $56 and $69 menus

Kazbah, Balmain – $65

South American/Spanish/Tapas

Braza, Leicchardt, Darling Harbour –   $42 and $65 menus

Porteno, Surry Hills – $80

Gardel’s Bar, Surry Hills – $35 and $50 menus

Contrabando, Sydney – $28, $35, $44 and $50 menus

Tapavino, Sydney – $58 menu

Encasa, Lane Cove – $42, $46 and $55 menus

Other/Mod Oz

Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD – $55 and $65 menu

Chiswick, Woollahara – $75 menu

Firedoor, Surry Hills – $85 menu

Orto, Surry Hills – $65

Monopole, Potts point – $65

Nomad, Surry Hills – $65 menu

The Botanist, Kirribilli, $35 menu

Ester – $65 menu

Happy feasting!

Ormeggio at the Spit, Mosman

005 Wasn’t it a lucky day for the Northside when the lovely Alessandro and Anna Pavoni decided they’d set up camp there? This tranquil, modern Italian fine diner is, literally, on the water, and a very pleasant spot to have a long lazy lunch or an intimate dinner. What is particularly appealing is that its fine dining without the hefty price tag – there are some lovely set menu and degustation options without you needing to take out a mortgage. This wasn’t my first visit but on this particular day we were meeting friends, all of us with our offspring in tow, so opted for an early dinner. The “sunset menu” is $59 for three courses which is pretty outstanding value for a two hatter. And kids are well catered for too – a great selection for $15 and under. (However I did think $9 for bread for the table was a bit much). They’re Italian, they won’t be surprised if you bring your kids (and great aunties, third cousins, a few nephews and your next door neighbour).  They also have some of the most beautiful plates and bowls I’ve ever seen – many of them are handmade by someone in Balmain, whose name I can’t recall!

The sunset menu has three entrees, three mains, and three deserts to choose from. I chose the veal agnolotti with onion consomme which was a fantastic start, just full of flavour.

I steal a bite of the husband’s ling fish baccala, with polenta croutons and dutch cream potato and this too is delicious – the cream is not too heavy and the flavours of the fish come through.

I rarely order risotto, as so many places get it wrong, but here – a canaroli risotto with saffron, liquorice and duck – I know I will be in good hands, and indeed the texture and consistency is just as it should be.

The deserts are unusual, and a work of art at the same time. Look at how pretty this is – its carrot, with fennel seed ice cream, faro cream, vinegar caramel. Its an unexpected combination of flavours that works really well together.

And then the toasted rice gelato, rice and ricotta cake, with earl grey. I didn’t particularly enjoy the foam, and there was a little too much earl grey for me, but I could have downed a whole bowl of that rice gelato and polished off a slab of the ricotta.

To finish, some little lime and ginger zeppole.


Who wouldn’t enjoy fine food sitting here?


Ormeggio, D’Albora Marinas, Spit Rd, Mosman Ph (02) 9969 4088

Ormeggio at the Spit on Urbanspoon