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Pottery Green Bakers (with a side of pho), Lane Cove


My local little homestyle bakery, the kids are pretty partial to the cupcakes and gingerbread men; you’ll also find meringues, lamingtons, and plenty of other sweet treats as well as pies, quiches and sausage rolls if you’re after something savoury, and of course a selection of bread. Me, I’m a fan of their oversized sultana scones – light and not too sweet.


Keeping true to their Vietnamese roots, the Tran family have introduced beef and chicken pho to the menu, $12. Pho at a bakery? Well, why not. Its a generous, steaming bowl, with plenty of fresh herbs and chilli sauce on the side for extra heat. The broth isn’t as flavoursome as other pho I’ve had, and the chicken is a little tough, but its a filling meal; I notice most people order the beef version, so maybe this is the better of the two.


The better pick in my mind is the Vietnamese Pork Roll ($8). Cased in a crunchy bread roll, its packed with a generous amount of salad with a tangy dressing, and worth a try.


Pottery Green Bakers, 112 Longueville Road, Lane Cove, Ph 02 9420 4793
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