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In My Kitchen, January 2018

Kicking off with the first 2018 edition of In My Kitchen, a global monthly link up currently hosted by Sherry’s Pickings which gives a peek into kitchens around the world.  Here’s what’s in the Napoli kitchen this month.

We were dragged to the Boxing Day Sales by our Small People who were very keen to spend some of their Christmas gift vouchers.  The Marito and I picked up a new NutriBullet as our previous one had died after a good few years of use.  Beginning the year with good intentions to counter Christmas excess, we’ve been starting our day with various vegetable and fruit blends.  My go to has been beetroot, baby spinach, a bit of mango and plain yoghurt.

imkjan18 (6)

In my kitchen is a very sad looking tomato plant we are trying to revive.  At the house we are renting while the renovation is going on, there are some rather large trees.  We hear the possums scurrying at night and they have decimated everything we’ve tried to plant. Last night I think they may have been practicing for this year’s 2018 Commonwealth Games relay. I’ve put nets on things now, but we’re probably a bit late to get a good tomato crop. Anyone know any good natural possum deterrents?

imkjan18 (4)

I recently saw at Coles a new line of pasta called Rana.  I have to say, for shop bought ravioli and tortellini, it’s among the best I’ve come across.  Really fine casings compared to others which tend to be on the thick side and cooks in a few minutes.

imkjan18 (8)

In my kitchen is some beetroot marmalade a friend bought for us to try, it’s made in Tasmania. Being a marmalade, it is sweet, but works well on burgers and sandwiches, the Marito is a fan, we’ve already gone through half of it!

imkjan18 (5)

Also from Tasmania is this apricot and Armagnac conserve that the Marito received in a Christmas hamper.  I’d love to use this as a glaze on a cake or a tart.

imkjan18 (2)

In my kitchen are scraps for the girls and lettuce heads I am sprouting to grow for them (if the possums don’t eat them first, they’ve devoured all of my attempts so far).  They wait expectantly at the coop door every morning for my delivery, it’s quite funny.

imkjan18 (7)

At the Italian deli this morning I picked up some buffalo ricotta….mmmmm……I will eat some as is on toast, but haven’t decided what to do with the rest.  Some fritters perhaps?


I also bought some Caputo flour.  It’s meant to be the flour for pizza and I thought I’d try it; I will use my neverfail pizza dough recipe.

imkjan18 (1)

And finally in my kitchen is some pasta made from chickpea flour.  I was watching a documentary about US startups and one of them was a company that made a chickpea pasta which was having huge success.  San Remo seem to be the only company here that do it and curiosity prompted me to try some.

imkjan18 (3)

Wishing you all a happy 2018 filled with fun food adventures!

In My Kitchen, July 2017

I don’t do cold weather well, so am glad we are over one third through winter. Though on a relative scale it has been pretty mild this year, with lots of blue sky days, crisp but not overly cool.  It has still been nice to wander around the garden, check on the chooks, and see what is left of the herbs, which is not much. Roll on, spring.  Here’s what is happening in my winter kitchen this month.

In my kitchen are these cute little hand made egg cups I bought at the markets in Tel Aviv during my trip to Israel last month.

imkjul17 (3)

They are perfect for our eggs. Rosie, our Rhode Island Red, who is ridiculously big for a pullet and would scare off half the neighbourhood dogs, has just started laying.  Her eggs are markedly lighter than the Isa’s.  Our Wyandotte (Grace) and Plymouth Rock (Maddie) are yet to lay.

imkjul17 (1)

I used a couple of eggs in these corn fritters, from the Bills Open Kitchen book.  These are really really easy fritters to whip up and quite tasty.

imkjul17 (2)

In my kitchen is a “girasole” (sunflower) courtesy of Mamma Rosa.  Made with a puff pastry case that is cut and twisted into a sunflower shape, this one has ricotta and broccoli, though she also makes a version with ricotta and spinach.  Mamma Rosa is armed with an iPad these days and is loving watching cooking videos on YouTube in her native Italian.  This was from one of those.  She enjoys surfing the net a bit these days; she came across LinkedIn the other day and was trying to figure out how to sign up, I was in hysterics.


Also courtesy of Mamma Rosa is one of this year’s homemade salami.  If you grow up on this stuff, preservative free, the commercially made version doesn’t cut it at all.

imkjul17 (4)

The other day we found this bottle under the stairwell.  Having had a look at its watermark, we think it is a 1930’s Bosistos eucalyptus oil bottle.  It will be interesting to see what we find in various crevices once we start the Grande Rinnovamento.  Certainly the garden had some interesting things buried in it when we were doing a clean up when we first moved in almost a year and a half ago.

imkjul17 (5)

Short and sweet from the Napoli kitchen for this month.  Thanks to Sherry for hosting this global monthly link up, take a peek at kitchens around the world!


In my kitchen, April 2017

The gentle coolness of autumn has rolled into the kitchen, bringing with it thoughts of soups, minestrone, and baked dishes like parmeggiana.   As we pick the very last of our tomatoes and cucumbers, the garden is looking very bare and I need to swot up on what to plant next.

We also picked our last baby beetroot, which I gently roasted in the oven.

imkapril17 (6)

One of the Small People has also been tending lovingly to a strawberry plant, of which he is very proud.  He insisted I take a photo!

imkapril17 (4)

Last month I mentioned I was germinating white dragon fruit.  Now teeny sprouts, they are looking very healthy.  My latest challenge has been to try and germinate mulberries.  I adore mulberries, but the season is short and they are very hard to find.  I occasionally stumble across them at a farmers market.  I planted 10 seeds each of the black and white varieties, and waited the prescribed 40 days, and nothing.  When 50 then 60 days passed, I knew it was a fail.  Undeterred, I tried again, planting another 6 seeds of each.   I have one tiny sprout of the black variety!

imkapril17 (9)

For those who don’t like carbs, now is the time to look away.

In my kitchen is a variety of Molisana pasta that we all really like.  It is a really tight curl, Shirley Temple ringlet style, and “holds the sauce” very well.  If you haven’t tried the Molisana brand of pasta, I recommend it.

imkapril17 (1)

One night I used it to make a “pasta forno”, or baked pasta, with peas and eggplant.

imkapril17 (2)

In my kitchen is this lovely plate of biscuits from my darling Godmother.  Her savoiardi were divine, I must ask her for the recipe.

imkapril17 (3)

A fellow bread baking friend and I went up to Victoria’s Basement to get enamel roasters.  Other breadbakers and IMK’ers swear by them.  I was very happy with the result.

imkapril17 (7)

I’m loving these crispy Afghani Dippits made by a local family company in Sydney.  With a smear of avocado or a gooey cheese they are great.

imkapril17 (5)

In my kitchen is also some fresh Afghani bread from a local grocer.  Its kind of like a squashed Turkish bread, really thin but springy at the same time.  The Marito was a big fan.

imkapril17 (8)

I found a panettone lurking in the pantry from Christmas, I’m thinking I’ll make a dessert with it rather than have it straight up.  I’m sure I’ll also put the tin to good use.

imkapril17 (10)

What’s happening in your kitchen? Thanks to Liz at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things for hosting this month’s link up of kitchens around the world.

In My Kitchen, February 2017

Welcome to the first In My Kitchen for 2017! IMK is a monthly link up hosted by Liz at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things showcasing what is in blogger kitchens around the world.

Christmas feels like aeons ago.  The tree is gone, the decorations packed away, and Easter Eggs are already in the supermarket.   But a couple of Christmas gifts are being put good to use in my kitchen

The Small People bought me some new oven mitts, having noticed that my old ones were in tatters.  They are heavy duty and very good.


I love these mugs that the Marito and I use for our daily coffee.   Maybe one day when we fix our falling down grand old lady of a house, it really will be a manor.


I also received this delicious and thoughtful gift, which will be much enjoyed!


It has now been just over a year that we moved here. It was too far into the summer last year when we moved in to plant anything but this year we’ve been all over it.

There’s been beautiful tomatoes


Zucchini and flowers


Cucumbers, eggplants and eggs from the girls


Crispy cos lettuce, and figs I picked from our neighbours’ abundant tree (they didn’t even know they had a fig tree, its right down the bottom of the land, and don’t want them!)


In my kitchen is miso paste that I bought at our local Japanese grocer; I’ve been making miso salmon and miso eggplant


The Marito bought home a huge bag of mushrooms one day, I used some of it to make polenta with mushrooms, mostly following this recipe


At the Italian deli recently I found this squid ink pasta by Molisana, who make good pasta.  I haven’t decided on a recipe yet.  Suggestions?


I hope you are having a great month in your kitchen!




In My Kitchen, August 2016

Roll on, Spring! I am willing it to come along faster by daringly planting some herbs last weekend.  Meanwhile, indoors in the kitchen…..

I picked up some kitchen goodies on our recent trip to Hawaii, where we escaped the cold for a couple of weeks.  We had the black salt a couple of times with fish at restaurants, so I thought I’d bring some home, along with the ubiquitous Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamias.  The mango wine isn’t actually Hawaiian, but I was curious; I’m going to save it for Summer.

imkaug16 (3)

In my kitchen are these KitchenAid utensils.  When the Marito bought a stand mixer for me a few Christmases ago, it came with a bonus pack of utensils.  Countless use and runs through the dishwasher, they have proved to be very durable.  I saw these for $4 each (they are $15-$20 each here, though who would pay that for a spatula is beyond me) and happily bought them home.

imkaug16 (2)

I also got this drawer knife holder, which I prefer to a knife block.

imkaug16 (4)

And this julienne peeler, its ideal for a few of the pasta dishes with zucchini that are regularly made in the Napoli household.

imkaug16 (1)

In my kitchen are some baked eggs, a Sunday breakfast for the Marito and I, with a mini loaf of bread fresh from the oven.  The boys prefer baguettes so I usually make those for them, and have missed making loaves.  I thought my starter, La Figlia, wouldn’t like the two weeks of neglect while we were overseas, and dried some as a back up, but it was actually fine and the bread tastes better than it did before.

imkaug16 (5)

The pantry was a bit bare when we got back so it was off to the Italian deli to stock up on staples and a few other things.  I spy some savoiardi and mascarpone – there is a tiramisu in the works.  I bought a dozen or so packets of pasta; the boys appetites are just enormous at the moment and they won’t last long.  I used to be able to do a 500g packet for the four of us, but that doesn’t cut it anymore.  The boys are thinner than beanpoles, it’s a mystery to all where their staggering quantity of food consumption goes.

imkaug16 (8)

In my kitchen are these new “Anylock” clips, which as the name implies, clip onto any packet for sealing.  They come in a few different sizes, and are ideal for the boys cereal.

imkaug16 (6)

But the big news of the Napoli household is that we got our first egg from our chooks! Lily, Jimmie and Bockan (don’t ask, the boys named them, and I don’t even know how to spell the last one) became part of the household six or so weeks ago, and were finally “old enough” to start laying.  We were all pretty excited….simple things in life as the saying goes. There’s now an egg every day, but once the warm weather starts its likely we will get three a day, one from each chook, which will be awesome.

imkaug16 (7)

The boys saw a website that sells chicken leashes, and want to get some so we can take them for a walk around our suburb – wouldn’t that be entertaining for the neighbourhood!  We bought the girls at Enfield Produce, which is a really great store, the boys did not want to leave.

What’s happening in your kitchen? Take a peak at kitchens around the world in other August IMK posts!

In My Kitchen, December 2014

Every month the generous and talented Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts a segment on her blog called In My Kitchen, where food bloggers write about, um, what’s in their kitchen! Here’s what’s currently in mine.

Mangoes! How do I make thee? Let me count the ways. Mango smoothies, mango with yoghurt, mango with crepes, mango tiramisu, mango parfait, mango trifle, the possibilities are endless. It is one of my favourite things about Summer. I am a bit of a mango snob though, I will only eat Kensington Prides.

imk (2)

Panettone and Pandoro. These arrive from Italy each Christmas and Easter. I read the other day that 180 million are sold each year in Italy alone, quite staggering considering the population of the country is 60 million. Picked up this stash at my regular Italian deli the other day. One is for me to open on Christmas morning to have with my coffee (my Christmas ritual while the kids are in a mad rush of excitement opening their presents), one is to make my torta di verona for a family get together, and others for friends.

imk (1)

Caramelised balsamic. Also picked this up at the deli. Husband and I recently tried the Pakura one and we loved it. There was none in stock that day so we’re giving this one a go. It is quite pricey,  both brands are around $24 a bottle, but as Joe, my friendly deli hand said, it takes more than 5 litres of balsamic to make one of these bottles.

imk (3)

Zucchini flowers, courtesy of my father-in-law, who always has a bag of this, a little of that, from his garden to give us. Honestly how can anyone not love the warm months when there is food like this around!

imk (4)

Rosemary. Our rosemary plant has gotten enormous. Think it will be taller than me soon. Such a great, fragrant, versatile herb.

imk (7)

Callipo tuna. I discovered on one of our trips to Italy that the Callipo factory is actually quite near my mother’s village. It is our favourite tuna, so flavoursome.

imk (5)

Recipes, torn from magazines and newspapers.  I will file them in my recipe folders, one day…….

imk (6)

Biscotti – for Christmas gifts. This is my morning coffee biscuit recipe, I make these all the time and they are always appreciated by friends and at the office.


Hope you are enjoying whatever is in your kitchen!