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Paros, Greece – Part II & Antiparos

Here are a few more pictures I took during out time on this lovely little island.  I’m no photographer, but for those who are it is a photographer’s paradise.













Neighbouring island Antiparos, a seven minute ferry ride away, is also worth a stroll.  You can take your car on the ferry for the princely sum of eight euro.  Apparently Antiparos is the home of the “money set” with many of the seriously rich holding property there.  No ferry ride for them, its usually helicopters or charter jets.  Another charming little spot, one of its real jewels is an amazing cave – it was discovered several hundred years ago, but who knows how old the rock formations actually are.  It is at the top of a hill, and if you have a car you can drive straight up to the very nondescript entry.  There are a lot of stairs, and its a long way down, but absolutely amazing.










Back in the main village of Antiparos, needing some energy replenishment after all those stairs, we stopped at a great bakery which also did unexpectedly good gelato.


We loved our time in Paros and neighbouring Antiparos; there several islands that make up Greece, and it was a very ‘tough’ decision on which one we would stay at, and I think we ended up somewhere pretty fabulous.  And that little propellored plane I mentioned – we caught it back to Athens.  It was time for the next leg of our trip, Milan.



Paros, Greece – Part 1

Pristine, serene, an arid landscape peppered with white homes and enveloped by a cloudless blue sky. This is what we find arriving in Paros, a relatively untouched Greek Island, some 30 minutes from Athens on a tiny propellored plane. Some months before, after sifting through seemingly endless villas on different islands with the help of the fabulously patient people at White Key, Villa Farragas is the one for us.

paros 1_markedparos 2_marked

For once, the reality outdoes the pictures on the internet and I find myself looking for the appropriate adjectives – a magnificent sea view, expansive outdoor areas perfect for dining or relaxing, a generously proportioned modern home yet in keeping with Greek tradition. Cleverly designed – even two of the showers have an ocean view – the home is beautifully styled.

paros house 1_marked paros house 2_marked

Sweet couple Maria and Archie, who are live in staff, as well as Daria our concierge from White Key, are on hand to take care of anything we might need for the next eight days.  We quickly realise this is going to be a holiday on steroids. The evening we arrive, Dimitris, a local cook, makes us feast of fresh stuffed sardines, pasta with lobster, and a mountain of Greek salad.


Armed with an appropriately compact set of wheels, we explore the island, which you can drive around in about an hour (unless you are like us and get totally lost the first night and take two instead), and there are plenty of charming villages and sandy beaches  – Alyki, Parikia, Naousa, Lefkes, Golden Beach, Faragas. And as we meander through the alleyways, the shopkeepers are all happy to have a chat, delighted we have come all the way from Australia to their little island.

paros 3_marked paros 5_marked paros 11_marked

We feast on simple, fresh food –  tomatoes so sweet that they could almost qualify as dessert, fresh seafood that has been caught by a local fisherman that morning, and cheeses we cannot pronounce. Fruit, local honey from wildflowers, and yoghurt are on the breakfast table each morning; we realise now that the ‘Greek style’ yoghurt we get at home is most certainly not the same as the real thing.

paros food 1_marked paros 4_marked paros food 2_marked paros 6_marked paros food3_marked paros food 4_marked

One day we hire a traditional wooden boat and Captain Petros takes us exploring. The water we see that day can only be described as a collection of jewels – sapphires, aquamarine, emerald, topaz.  No camera can do it justice.

paros 8_marked paros 7_marked paros 9_marked paros 10_marked

Part II of this little gem of an island coming up.