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Food highlights 2016

This year simple ruled.  The dishes I remember and liked most were unfussy and just plain tasty.

For instance I loved this Schiacciatella at Sud in Concord.  A very simple pizza crust with a tomato base, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of oregano, served with olive tapenade and pesto.


Also brilliantly simple was the asparagus triangoli from Fred’s


The baked mash at Bouche on Bridge was silky and well seasoned, I could have easily demolished the whole bowl, but I didn’t want to look like a greedy guts!


And the roast short rib from Ho Lee Fook in Hong Kong, sooooo tender

holeefook (10)

On the sweet front, the almond croissant from Lune in Melbourne was spectacular, best I’ve had.

lune (12)

And the vanilla masalada from Leonard’s Bakery in Honolulu, for $1.50, was a total winner.

honolulu (53)

And finally – the dessert trolley at Bistro Guillaume full of good old French classics was a sight to behold


And my favourite recipes I made this year?

This crispy potato roast has very few ingredients but looks and tastes fabulous and will be making an appearance on the Christmas table


Similarly, this roast capsicum dish is so easy, and great if you have a table of shared dishes


Also on the vegetarian front is this zucchini and spinach pasta, which I make regularly


These sweet ricotta fritters are gorgeous and it was one of my most popular posts of 2016

ricottafritters (3)

I’ve perfected Mamma Rosa’s almond bread, I was very pleased with my Christmas batch


So that’s a wrap for another year.  Thanks to all of those who read and comment! I wish you all a lovely and peaceful festive season, and see you in 2017!




Food highlights, 2015

Aren’t we such lucky people to live in a country with fabulous produce and talented chefs that can show it off?  Our ingredients are so good that even Heston and Rene chose it to set up shop here for a while.  I’ve travelled overseas quite a bit and can easily say that our chefs and restaurants compete on a  global scale.  So as the year winds up I thought I’d recap a few of my favourite dishes of 2015.

I’ll take the opportunity to wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful 2016.  A big thanks to my little loyal band of readers and commenters, I’m truly chuffed that you’re here.   So signing off for a few weeks until January, and will make my usual new year’s resolution of doing more exercise (well, even some exercise would be good).

So here are some dishes I’ve eaten this year I would go back for.

The ravioli at LuMi in Pyrmont.  I’ve been a few times, and had a few different flavoured ravioli, and they are always superb.  LuMi is one of the Sydney dining stars of 2015, no wonder it had a two hat debut.

LuMi (7)

The trofie cu sugu at Sud in Concord.  Another dish I’ve had a few times at this bustling Sicilian street food house.  A hearty meat sauce using Nonna’s recipe.

sud (4)

The roast potatoes at Apollo in Surry Hills.  Seriously some of the best potatoes ever.

The Apollo (5)

The fish and pear salad at Khao Pla in Chatswood.  Some very clever Thai going on here.  Dodgy photo, great dish.


Another salad I really enjoyed was the duck salad with green beans and duck liver parfait at Bowery Lane in the CBD.  Hope they put  it back on the menu!

bowery (1)

The Bronx Burger at Five Points in North Sydney.  Its one of the better Sydney burgers, join the queue.


The rice noodles with braised beef brisket at Billy Kwong in Surry Hills, really tasty.

billykwong (5)

The school prawns at Firedoor in Surry Hills.  Smoky and delicious.

firedoor (2)

The miso cod at Tokonoma in Sydney.  Some very well executed modern, if somewhat expensive, Japanese going on at this place.

tokonoma (4)

The creamy Parisienne gnocchi at Missy French in Surry Hills

missyfrench (6)

And straying from Sydney…..

The coppa desserts at Delarosa in San Francisco.  You’ll find some lovely casual Italian at this popular neighbourhood eatery

sanfran (11)

Also in San Francisco, the morning bun (top right) at the famed Tartine Bakery.  People queue for this and it wasn’t hard to figure out why.  I saw the recipe and thought I’d could make it, but it would literally be quicker to fly to San Fran instead.

sanfran (12)

The octopus at Macchialina in Miami.  Loved this restaurant, everything here was great.

miami (15)

The taramosalata with cuttlefish at Press Club in Melbourne.  Great combination of texture and flavour.  Good one, George.

pressclub (4)

I also adored the soft shell crab souvlaki at street food serving Gazi

pressclub (8)

Happy holidays!