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Ironwood Coffee Company and Cafe, Woolwich

ironwood (10)It was time for a another Girl Crew & Mamma Rosa gathering, so we decided to check out the new kid on the Woolwich peninsula. Ironwood has moved into the space where Koi used to be, and by the looks of it, the new kid is pretty popular. We visited two weeks after opening and it was full and buzzing, a happy, relaxed casual place where you’d be happy to sit and read the paper on a lazy Sunday. It’s a bit of a “something for everyone” café menu, with burgers, salads, pasta and pizzas, going on, but there is a big Greek influence with haloumi, spanakopita, prawns saganaki and the like on offer. Most places don’t pull it off with such a broad spectrum of dishes, but they do a pretty solid job of it. Kids meals are $12 and include a drink and a scoop of ice cream which is great value. Service was a little haphazard that day but I figure they are still finding their feet in the first fortnight so will cut them some slack. Will certainly be back to try their breakfast menu (and the coffee!).

Some of what we tried that day:

Stuffed zucchini flowersironwood (4)

Haloumi with dried figironwood (5)

Slow braised octopus – meltingly tender but a little saltyironwood (6)

Beetroot and goat’s cheese saladironwood (7)

Mixed seafood plate. The soft shell crab was a bit oily and soggy, but the other components were goodironwood (8)

Mixed meat plate with some nice lambironwood (9)

Kids fish and chipsironwood (3)ironwood (2)ironwood (1)

Ironwood Coffee Company and Café, 102 Woolwich Rd Woolwich, Ph 02 9879 7770

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Breakfast @ Centennial Parklands Cafe

Space. There are times when, in our busy lives and often confined living quarters, we crave it. So what better place to find it in a cafe in Centennial Park. If the urge comes upon you to run in the field and relish the open air before or after your meal, you can go for it. Or you can sit lazily on the deck and bask in the sun, while your kids play on the nearby equipment.


The menu has all the usual things you’d expect to find for breakfast – eggs, toast, museli, pancakes. We opt for the buttermilk pancakes – they are huge, and very good.


Likewise, the omlette with chorizo and mushrooms was tasty, with some good quality bread with nice charring (The Grounds please note TWO slices of bread!), but I did think the price was a little punchy at $22.


Kiddies stuff, like this toastie, prices at $7 which is very reasonable.


The coffee was also well made. It does get very noisy inside, so you might prefer a table on the deck. And you can even BOOK a table, if you don’t feel like waiting in a queue for half a day. I saw a few tables for larger groups, so if you’ve got a bit of a crowd, it’s a good option, even if slightly more expensive than the better known breakfast haunts.

Centennial Parklands Café, Grand Drive, Centennial Park, Ph 02 9380 9350 http://www.trippaswhitegroup.com.au/our-venues/Centennial-Parklands-Dining/4

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Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe, Homebush

A sprawling space on Parramatta Road, Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe has just what its name implies – lots of coffee, roasted on the premises, a deli where you can pick up freshly sliced smallgoods and other Italian treats, and a cafe.

The menu has a range of pastas, pizzas, meat dishes, salads and panini.  Not sure if ‘cafe’ is the right name though, these are well and truly restaurant prices – even the panini were an exorbitant $23 and a basic Pizza Margherita $26, while a fillet steak and chips was $36 – it is very expensive and overpriced for what it is, but I will say that the pizza was very good indeed. Similarly the deli goods aren’t bargain prices.


Ham and mushroom027

Would I drive to Homebush especially to come here? Probably not.  But would I drop in for a pizza if I happened to be on Parramatta Road going somewhere else – maybe.


Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe, 17-35 Paramatta Road, Homebush, ph (02) 9764 8822
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