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Azuma, Sydney

An unexpected dinner invitation to Azuma came my way, so who was I to say no. I get the occasional sashimi or sushi takeaway from there, but haven’t dined in for a full meal for quite some time. It was the $68 banquet, which began with some edamame and ended with a custard.

The highlights – the carpaccio (great dressing), the sushi (excellent), and the duck (tender)


The middlelights (my own word) – the tempura, after being spoilt by the fabulous tempura at Sokyo; the noodles, which were much improved with the proffered hit of cayenne pepper; and the custard which was lovely, but I’m glad they served the brown sugar syrup on the side as it overpowered.


The low lights – the chicken with teriyaki which was fatty and too sweet, and the wagyu which was not as tender as you’d expect wagyu to be and a little dry


Azuma used to be the benchmark in Japanese in Sydney, with the appropriate level of hattedness. But what has happened over time is that the Japanese offering in our fair city has just gotten better and better, and we are now very spoilt for choice. The sushi and sashimi here is still solid, but the cooked dishes don’t have the deftness you’ll find at Sake or Sokyo or Ume. But this may have also been the result of what was part of the banquet, without the ability to fully explore the rest of the menu.

Azuma, Level 1, Chifley Plaza/2 Chifley Square, Sydney, ph (02) 9222 9960

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