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Flour Eggs Water, Tramsheds Harold Park

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The folk from A Tavola know their pasta and do it well, and they’ve expanded the family with the opening of Flour Eggs Water at the recently redeveloped Tramsheds precinct.  It’s a long narrow space where you can sit at a bench or on a communal table, and where you’ll be warmly welcomed by the staff, as I was on both my visits.   It isn’t an overly long menu, but one that changes regularly depending on what’s seasonal, and you’ll recognise a few favourites from the original A Tavola in Darlinghurst.  The menu is a little bit of a meander through Italy, as you’ll see a bit of Sicily, a bit of Sardinia, and some Calabria and Piedmonte thrown in for good measure.

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Start off with some beautiful San Daniele prosciutto and a hunk of buffalo mozzarella. It was gone in seconds.   They also give you some house focaccia which is so light and airy, but we ate it too quickly to take a picture of it!

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We tried the cuttlefish with fregola and pane carasau (there’s your Sardinia) with watermelon and mint. The latter ingredients added beautiful freshness and the cuttlefish was well cooked, but I did find the dish a little dry, it needed more of a dressing.

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On the other hand the beef tartare is a bit too saucy and acidic and the beef is a bit lost.  Excellent crunchy slivers of bread served with it though.

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But then the pasta arrives and shines.  Even Mamma Rosa gives it a tick of approval, so it must be good.

The malloreddus with pork and porcini is fragrant and rich and just gorgeous.  It’s a very generous serve too.

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Vegetarians will be absolutely delighted with the agnolotti dal plin (there’s your Piedmonte), with eggplant, scamorza, ricotta, salata.  The problem is it is so delicious the non vegetarians will want to steal it.

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Crab fans will enjoy the mezzelune with crab, ricotta and asparagus.  They come in a bit of a bisque.  One of my sorelle finds it a bit too fishy but I enjoy it.

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I also rate the chittara al nero di sepia with prawns, basil and pistachio (hello Sicily).  Chittara means “guitar”, the pasta being so named as it is traditionally made using a tool with strings, like a guitar. Lovely flavour combination, must try and make this at home.

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The pappardelle with lamb is one of their signatures.  The pasta is silky smooth. I do like lamb, but not in ragu form, so this wasn’t a favourite for me.

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Accompany your pasta with a refreshing salad.  Loved the red cabbage salad with raisins and walnuts.

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Otherwise there’s radicchio with witlof with fennel, orange mint and lemon.

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If you have room for dessert, there’s a few A Tavola favourites.

There’s the tiramisu, which in taste reminds me very much of my version.

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Or the cremino al cioccolato (from the original Darlinghurst venue), which looks like a cappuccino but isn’t.

floureggswater (15)floureggswater (16)

If you’re too full but just want a little sweet, try a cannolo.  It’s pretty good with a crunchy casing, but there are others that I prefer.

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Overall, its a lovely spot for a casual Italian meal, one you can easily drift to regularly.  Tutti a tavola!

Flour, Eggs, Water, Tramsheds Harold Park
Ph (02) 9188 7438

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A tavola, Darlinghurst

“A tavola!”. Like chef Eugenio, it’s a phrase that reminds me of my childhood. It’s what Mamma Rosa or Dad would say to summon us for meals, and my sisters and I would bound to the said tavola, trying to get there before our brother to make sure he wouldn’t steal all the best bits of chicken. (I also remember coming home from school one day and deciding I was no longer going to call our father “Papa”, but go mainstream and call him Dad. It was highly controversial at the time.)

It’s a long communal table, also reminiscent of family gatherings growing up – although we would have packed in 40 aunts/uncles/third cousins/neighbours/randoms who showed up at our place – in the space where they put 20. Always room for one more!

Fridays is the only day they are open for lunch, and we are led to a light filled small room down some stairs, while the long marble table is covered with flour, pasta sheets and little hand operated pasta machines. The team is busy, carefully creating their hand made pasta for the night ahead.

Pretty much everything on the menu is tempting. There’s a selection on a little card in front of us, with additional choices on the blackboard.

I don’t need a lot of words to describe the food. Its simple and just lovely.

We start with the Ricotta di Buffala con Insalatina, which is almost too pretty to eat. The ricotta is outstanding and works well with the vegetables.


Then onto carpaccio, again beautifully presented,  delicate, and flavoursome.


My friend and I both opt for ragu – mine a more traditional pork, veal and chicken, with rigatoni, and hers the special lamb ragu with silky smooth parpadelle. For me, when I eat out at an Italian place, their ragu is always the benchmark, the dish that tells me that they know what they’re doing. This most definitely passes the mark, and Mamma Rosa would approve – the sauce is well seasoned and full bodied, the pasta al dente.


I wasn’t going to have desert, but then I heard the words custard and ice cream – soft pillows of deep fried custard with silky ricotta ice cream, to be precise. A gorgeous combination. Don’t think about it, just say yes.


Go take a seat at the table. You’ll be very glad you did.

A tavola, 348 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, Ph (02) 9331 7871


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