My kitchen essentials

In no particular order,

1.  The KitchenAid.  I got mine in December 2011, before that I used a hand mixer, what was I waiting for! Good to get a couple of extra bowls if you can.  Love the dough hook for pizza dough.


2.  Microplanes, in all shapes and sizes. These were originally woodwork tools that have become kitchen staples


3. Various sized ice cream scoops, but not often used for ice cream, rather for fritters, rissoles, cupcake batter, anything that needs consistent sizing and needs to be easy to dispense


4. Pyrex – I think its practically indestructible – freeze it, boil it, bake it.


5. Mini Whizz – I love this little thing.  You can tuck it in any corner.  Great for grinding or chopping small batches of nuts, making a quick pesto, or puree, when you don’t want to haul out the food processor.


6.  Vanilla Extract and Vanila Bean paste – these are pantry staples for me. (Though I have since made my own extract using vodka and vanilla beans, no chemicals and smells devine)


7. Stick blender, its seen me through 11 years so far


8. Kitchen scale, has also lasted 11 years  (since died and bought a new one!)


9. Utensils – can you ever have too many?


10.  A nice long rolling pin


11. Cooling racks


12.  Zyliss mandolin for consistent slicing and to do julienn strips


13.  Baking beans, though you can use rice


14.  Baking pans, in all shapes and sizes (I have a lot more than the ones shown here!)


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