In my Spring kitchen, October 2018

How lovely that Spring is here, which means there is a lot more going on outside the kitchen.  The chooks are past their winter slow down, and laying up a storm, and lots of planting is going on.

Outside my kitchen is a collection of fruit trees.  A couple of months ago I pre-ordered some rootstock from Yalca Fruit Trees – a dwarf pear, dwarf apple, dwarf peach and dwarf plum, which we plan to put in the courtyard once the renovation is done, as well as a fig and two mulberry trees. Two months later and they are thriving! I can’t wait till we pick our first fruit.

I’ve also planted several tomatoes and zucchini which are coming along nicely.  Everything has to be carefully netted at our temporary home as it’s a possum festival at night.  The chooks also adore tomatoes.

imksept18 (3)

I still have to plant a few more things, having bought an interesting collection of seeds from The Seed Collection.

imksept18 (4)

Back inside, recently I took a look at Jamie’s new book, Jamie Cooks Italy.  I don’t buy too many cookbooks these days, partly because at the moment I have nowhere to store them, but also because our local library has a rather amazing cookbook section.  There are some nice recipes in this one.  I tried his vegetables al forno (before and after shot), which is really a cross between a zucchini parmigiana and an eggplant parmigiana.  It was very tasty. There are a few other recipes I have bookmarked.

imksept18 (5)imksept18 (6)imksept18 (7)imksept18 (8)

The (not so) Small People had a birthday and it was baking time for a family afternoon tea.  I made an apple cake, a blueberry crumb cake, some M&M cookies and a lemon ricotta cake.  It won’t be long till they are taller than me, but they will always be my Small People.

imksept18 (2)

Have a lovely Spring! Have a peek at other kitchens on Sherry’s Pickings, our lovely IMK link up host.


16 thoughts on “In my Spring kitchen, October 2018

  1. Mae

    Again, you remind me of how the two halves of the world are experiencing the opposite seasons. As our apples come in, our trees start to drop dry leaves, and our tomatoes disappear, you have small green shoots and your hens are busy. I love this connection!

    best… mae at

  2. sherry

    hi Josephine
    thanks for joining in IMK this month. lovely to have you. wow that jamie veg dish looks stunning. i’m not a fan of tomatoes so i’d have to put something else on top:) look at all your lovely fruit trees – marvellous! have a great month. cheers sherry

  3. Moya

    Josephine, the small people in the house are taller than me but like you, will always be my little ones too :) Best of luck with all your fruit trees and look forward to seeing how they progress. Would love to have a library that was well stocked with cookbooks, handy if you didn’t fancy buying a particular one but just needed a recipe or two. Food looks amazing :)

  4. Kim Bultman

    Josephine, I had to smile over your possum fest — even though they’re not funny! We have a few of those here, but armadillos are big culprits, too. Best wishes raising your garden — hope the San Marzano and other seeds reap a bounty! Your vegetable tart looks incredibly tasty and so do your baked goods. xo

  5. tiffinbitesized

    Look at all of those tomatoes! Your post is true to your blog title ; ) I hear you re: cookbooks. I can’t remember the last time I bought a cookbook but I have been gifted several over the last 12 months and am at maximum capacity. ‘The bookcase cannae’ take it any more Captain.’ I’m thinking about running a cookbook swap at my house to raise some money for charity. I still need to think through I will wangle it. Thanks for welcoming back into the IMK fold.


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