In My Kitchen, November 2017

Welcome to the November edition of In My Kitchen.  It is drizzling as I type, some much needed rain hitting Sydney after an almost thirty year record dry spell.

In my kitchen is today’s Daily Telegraph featuring none other than Mamma Rosa!  A couple of weeks ago The Sorella told me Delicious and The Telegraph were in search of family recipes.  As many of you know I have my special little book, so I sent in her crostoli.  She was chuffed (but would have preferred no picture!).

imknov17 (6)

In my kitchen are brochures brochures brochures.  A few weeks ago with demolition and excavation in full swing at our “grand old lady”, as I sometimes call our house (or more often, our “falling down house”) we moved out.  We were loathe to leave, but safety became an issue.  With not much yet done except the land being cleared – which was a much bigger job than we thought –  and the original house being stripped, the builders and others were already asking which appliances were going in, where I wanted power points, and where the plumbing needed to run so had we decided on taps and toilets.  I haven’t bought any major appliances or household goods for ten years so it was time to look around.  A lot has changed since then, and in some cases I think there are just too many bells and whistles – if you knock, sing or pirouette your dishwasher and/or oven door will open (the knocking one is true, the other two probably aren’t far behind).

imknov17 (1)

A few weeks ago I went to one of the Sandhurst Festival of Nonna dinners, which was just lovely. We were given a couple of jars of Nonna’s Sugo.  I’m not usually one for bottled sauces, most of them are very acidic, but this one was really good!

imknov17 (2)

In my kitchen are home grown avocados, courtesy of a colleague’s dad.  Can’t wait till they ripen so I can try them.

imknov17 (3)

Just outside my kitchen are pots of herbs.  The house we are renting didn’t have much in the way of garden beds, so pots it is for now. At the Festival of Nonna dinner we met the Torrisi family who are long time large scale basil growers, and they gave us an interesting tip – that when you water basil, you should avoid watering the leaves, it apparently grows better.   Can’t be helped in the rain of course, but good to know otherwise.

imknov17 (5)

That’s it from the Napoli kitchen this month.  IMK is a global monthly link up hosted by Sherry’s Pickings – thanks Sherry!

7 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, November 2017

  1. Mae

    So right!! — Kitchen appliances are definitely suffering from “feature creep” just like personal electronic devices. The designers just can’t keep their hands off! Unfortunately, when you make a buying decision, often there are one or two high-end things you want, so you end up with all that extra and often bothersome extra stuff. Also true of cars.

    Interesting about watering basil. I thought it was simply a difficult plant.

    best… mae at

  2. Sherry Mackay

    thanks for the mention! How wonderful to have the article about mama rosa. Isn’t it awful going thru renovations? so messy and dirty and then voila suddenly all done and beautiful. yes to home grown avos and herbs. thanks for joining in this month. appreciate it! cheers S x

  3. ladyredspecs

    Wise to move out while renovating, it’s a nightmare living in the dust without the usual amenities. I’m battling an ant invasion in my pot of basil, pesky things! Mama Rosa must be proud

  4. Kim Bultman

    Josephine, it looks like you’ve been doing your homework on appliances and such — and I’m picturing you doing the “Happy Dance” when it’s finally completed. (Hopefully without one of your new appliances automatically turning on!) :) The link you shared to your “little book” was just wonderful. What a treasure!


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