In My Kitchen, September 2017

Spring has arrived and with it the September edition of IMK, a global monthly link up currently hosted by Sherry’s Pickings.   Here’s what is happening in the Napoli kitchen this month!

In my kitchen are lots of eggs. The girls are going great guns, and we are now occasionally in surplus, so it’s lovely to be able to give some home grown fresh eggs to people.  Rosie (aka The Unit) is producing double yolkers every now and again, while baby Grace produces these little mini pointy eggs.

imksept17 (5)

The Small People carefully collect the eggs from the nesting boxes every afternoon when they get home from school; they love the variation in size and colour and regularly send me photos of each day’s collection.

imksept17 (4)

Outside my kitchen window is an excavator.  It’s all systems go go go on the Grande Rinnovamento.  We are, I think, only the fourth family to own this grand old lady in it’s 127 year history.  These walls hold a lot of stories; the servant bells around the house with one for the “drawing room” speak of bygone eras, as does the little box at the back of the laundry with a door, which was once used for servant food deliveries. It is going to be a long, and no doubt sometimes complicated ride, but we are all very excited about it.

imksept17 (1)

In my kitchen is chocolate with white truffles, which the Sorella bought back from her recent trip to Croatia.  The fragrance when I opened the packet was incredible, and so was the taste, which was much more truffle than chocolate.

imksept17 (2)

I recently added to my cake tin stash with this great ridged tin.  It is a traditional shape for Amor Polenta cake which I made last week, but I’m sure other cakes will be great in it too.

imksept17 (3)

That’s it from my kitchen this month.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks as we plan to move out as the renovation accelerates, and onto a temporary kitchen until we can return.  Hope all my Australian readers have enjoyed a lovely Father’s Day today.

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, September 2017

  1. Sherry Mackay

    Renovations are horrible when happening but so good when done. hope all goes well. thanks for joining in IMK at this busy time for you. love the eggs- so cute. and the cake tin looks amazing. i love odd shaped cake tins:) good luck with it all. cheers sherry x

  2. fergie51

    Wow! As someone coming out the other end of a similar reno experience, may I suggest you stock up the cellar! It is fun, it is frustrating, it is messy but it is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Our poor old 5yo chook isn’t laying now so the sight of those eggs makes me think its time to upgrade. Good luck and take lots of snaps to share. :)

  3. Mae

    Your ridged cake pan is interesting — please show us a photo of the cake that comes out of it!
    (I guess I’ll look back at earlier posts in case you already did so).
    best… mae at

  4. Amanda

    I’ve recently finished a kitchen reno, so my thoughts are with you.
    Our hens have been producing all through winter – I don’t know where they get the energy.


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