In My Kitchen, July 2017

I don’t do cold weather well, so am glad we are over one third through winter. Though on a relative scale it has been pretty mild this year, with lots of blue sky days, crisp but not overly cool.  It has still been nice to wander around the garden, check on the chooks, and see what is left of the herbs, which is not much. Roll on, spring.  Here’s what is happening in my winter kitchen this month.

In my kitchen are these cute little hand made egg cups I bought at the markets in Tel Aviv during my trip to Israel last month.

imkjul17 (3)

They are perfect for our eggs. Rosie, our Rhode Island Red, who is ridiculously big for a pullet and would scare off half the neighbourhood dogs, has just started laying.  Her eggs are markedly lighter than the Isa’s.  Our Wyandotte (Grace) and Plymouth Rock (Maddie) are yet to lay.

imkjul17 (1)

I used a couple of eggs in these corn fritters, from the Bills Open Kitchen book.  These are really really easy fritters to whip up and quite tasty.

imkjul17 (2)

In my kitchen is a “girasole” (sunflower) courtesy of Mamma Rosa.  Made with a puff pastry case that is cut and twisted into a sunflower shape, this one has ricotta and broccoli, though she also makes a version with ricotta and spinach.  Mamma Rosa is armed with an iPad these days and is loving watching cooking videos on YouTube in her native Italian.  This was from one of those.  She enjoys surfing the net a bit these days; she came across LinkedIn the other day and was trying to figure out how to sign up, I was in hysterics.


Also courtesy of Mamma Rosa is one of this year’s homemade salami.  If you grow up on this stuff, preservative free, the commercially made version doesn’t cut it at all.

imkjul17 (4)

The other day we found this bottle under the stairwell.  Having had a look at its watermark, we think it is a 1930’s Bosistos eucalyptus oil bottle.  It will be interesting to see what we find in various crevices once we start the Grande Rinnovamento.  Certainly the garden had some interesting things buried in it when we were doing a clean up when we first moved in almost a year and a half ago.

imkjul17 (5)

Short and sweet from the Napoli kitchen for this month.  Thanks to Sherry for hosting this global monthly link up, take a peek at kitchens around the world!


9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, July 2017

  1. Francesca

    I like those egg cups, especially the irregularity of them. Anything Mama Rosa does is interesting and the Girasole pie certainly looks good. Keep digging- you never know what might be buried around your old house Signorina.

  2. Sherry Mackay

    what cute egg cups. i have a few but i don’t use them anymore. hubby has got me into the practice of peeling them completely before eating. thanks for joining in this month. that girasole pie is so pretty. and i love the story of mama rosa getting into technology. good on her! cheers sherry.

  3. mae

    The sunflower is beautiful. I’d love to eat one of the petals! Your corn fritters also look yummy.

    best… mae at

  4. Liz @ spades, spatulas, and spoons

    Interesting find that bottle, I will look forward to reading about your renovation. The chicken egg cups are darling as well. We had a Rhode Island red chicken for many years, our dogs were terrified of her and she laid gorgeous big eggs. You are lucky to have Mama Rosa.

  5. Gretchen

    What cute egg cups! Funny stories about Mama Rosa and technology. I’ve been meaning to make one of those sunflowers as well, you see them all over pinterest.

  6. Un po' di pepe

    What an interesting cucina you have! The chicken crockery is so cute, and the salame is making me hungry! Mamma Rosa sounds pretty tech savvy…..i haven’t even figure out Linked in! i’ll have to see what i have lurking in my cupboards! Ciao, Cristina


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