In My Kitchen, February 2017

Welcome to the first In My Kitchen for 2017! IMK is a monthly link up hosted by Liz at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things showcasing what is in blogger kitchens around the world.

Christmas feels like aeons ago.  The tree is gone, the decorations packed away, and Easter Eggs are already in the supermarket.   But a couple of Christmas gifts are being put good to use in my kitchen

The Small People bought me some new oven mitts, having noticed that my old ones were in tatters.  They are heavy duty and very good.


I love these mugs that the Marito and I use for our daily coffee.   Maybe one day when we fix our falling down grand old lady of a house, it really will be a manor.


I also received this delicious and thoughtful gift, which will be much enjoyed!


It has now been just over a year that we moved here. It was too far into the summer last year when we moved in to plant anything but this year we’ve been all over it.

There’s been beautiful tomatoes


Zucchini and flowers


Cucumbers, eggplants and eggs from the girls


Crispy cos lettuce, and figs I picked from our neighbours’ abundant tree (they didn’t even know they had a fig tree, its right down the bottom of the land, and don’t want them!)


In my kitchen is miso paste that I bought at our local Japanese grocer; I’ve been making miso salmon and miso eggplant


The Marito bought home a huge bag of mushrooms one day, I used some of it to make polenta with mushrooms, mostly following this recipe


At the Italian deli recently I found this squid ink pasta by Molisana, who make good pasta.  I haven’t decided on a recipe yet.  Suggestions?


I hope you are having a great month in your kitchen!




17 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, February 2017


    All your summer produce is so appealing, especially from up here in the frozen north! Figs, especially.

    Best… mae at

  2. Francesca

    We bare so similar Signnoria, I could be your blog mother. First, let me tell you that I was thinking of putting that spaghetti al nero di seppie on my post too, to go with all the squid I got, and lo and behold, there it is on yours. Our gardens are both fruitful and the girls are pumping out eggs. I love your oven mits and need some desperately as mine are all mangled. And this weekend we are off to the beach- just near Montalto winery. I think that gorgeous olive oil would have cost an arm and a leg. I am sure your old lady will become a villa, maybe con on po’ di Italianita`? It will be a joy to transform it.

  3. Moya

    Important to have good oven gloves and they do look sturdy, lovely gift to receive. Good to see the figs from your neighbors tree are not going to waste :)

  4. ladyredspecs

    Who could not want figs? They’ve been $20kg here in Brissy but, worth every delicious cent IMHO. I struggle with oven mitts, most render me totally clumsy. I like the look of yours though, do they have a non slip surface on the palms?

  5. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things

    Them’s serious oven mitts… I need things like that so I don’t burn myself. Loving all your fresh produce, especially the zucchinis and the zucchini flowers. Having worked on the book for a year, I paid no attention to the kitchen garden, so all we have is strawberries, perennial herbs and one lone self sown tomato. Happy new year and thank you for the lovely shout out xx

  6. fergie51

    Harvest envy going on here! Interested in hearing about the Montalto oil, haven’t tried that yet. Love the ‘manor’ mugs, I can tell you that you do eventually get there, just keep chipping away.

  7. Nancy | Plus Ate Six

    Who wouldn’t want a fig tree?! You have so much beautiful produce in your kitchen just screaming summer. Meanwhile my kitchen is full of soups and casseroles. I desperately need a new pair of oven gloves – mine are just a disgrace!!!

  8. Liz @ spades, spatulas, and spoons

    I am completely jealous of everything in your kitchen this month, from the oven gloves to the figs. Please post a picture of your garden, the produce is gorgeous! Those tomatoes, my goodness, beautiful. I am afraid I am going to be in your same boat this year as the garden will not be finished enough to plant until the fall. It looks like it was worth waiting for in your case.

  9. Amanda (@lambsearsandhoney)

    I’m loving the gorgeous fresh produce out of your garden. We had such a silly season that I didn’t get around to planting anything.
    I’ve been trying to get miso paste this week – but every store I try seems to be out of it!


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