In my Christmas kitchen, December 2016

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas, and in the Napoli house,
the KitchenAid was stirring, much faster than a mouse.
Pretty boxes were laid with paper doillies with care,
Wouldn’t St Nicholas have a feast if he arrived there.

I think St Nicholas would be pretty delighted if he stumbled into my kitchen in the midst of my frenzy of Christmas sweet making in my kitchen. At this time of year, I love to make biscuits and sweets to give to friends, the boys’ school teachers, work colleagues, and clients. It is even more fun hand delivering them.

This weekend’s haul included crostoli, recipe here


Some moreish little whiskey biscuits, recipe here


Almond bread, which turned out particularly fantastic, I had to put it quickly in boxes before I ate it all, recipe here


And some pistachio biscotti, recipe here.


After that I needed to sit down for a bit.


Fortunately, with all the eggs I needed, our chooks have been going great guns, each of them laying every single day for the last ten days or so.  One of the girls (my bet is on Lily), has been laying some whopper eggs.  We were pretty impressed with this 88 grammer a week ago


But then, last Friday morning out of the nesting box came this one, 105 grams! I liken this to giving birth to a 14 pound baby, and I’m surprised whoever laid it didn’t sit down for a week to recover. But no, she laid the next day too.


Here is the Monster Egg as we called it pictured next to a 70 gram egg, which is considered “extra large” in the supermarket.  It is exactly fifty percent more in weight. And here it is in my hand, to give you a feel. I’m hoping this means the girls are happy!

I hope you are having a lovely December in your corner of the world.  Have a peak at other kitchens in the In My Kitchen series, hosted by Lovely Liz at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things.

Buon Natale from the Napoli Household.

16 thoughts on “In my Christmas kitchen, December 2016

  1. Sherry Mackay

    wow wow those huge eggs. aren’t they amazing? love all your baking. those biscotti look so pretty and i bet are delish. I have done a bit of Xmas baking i.e. a cake and gingerbread but that’s all for the moment. Have a great xmas. x

  2. Francesca

    It is usually the old chooks that lay those monster double yolker eggs. Love them. You have been a busy Signorina in cucina. Love all the little sweet treats and I wish I had been your boys’ teacher- better than a bar of soap.Now to read your recipe links…..

  3. Amanda (@lambsearsandhoney)

    Crumbs – just looking at that egg is making my eyes water.
    If you made me crostoli, I’d be your best friend forever. I adore them, but had to stop buying them – while studying, I found that I could eat an entire packet without realising it.

  4. Lisa

    Love all those homemade boxes of goodies… so festive. I always feel so sorry for the hens when they lay the giant eggs. I swear I hear them clucking extra loudly when they do… I’d celebrate as well if I’d produced such a whopper!

  5. Gretchen

    Such fantastic handmade gifts. I’ll be busy baking this week for teacher gifts as well as a school wide staff lunch (I’m just taking desserts, the meal is catered). What a whopper of an egg!


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