Four years in

This week my friend Francesca over at Almost Italian posted about her three year “blogaversary”.  I realised that October is also my blogaversary, it has been four years!  As Francesca says, it is a complete mystery why some posts are so popular, or how people find them, while others languish at the bottom of the heap.

A friend at work actually started this blog for me, there is no way I would have done it.  So with a bit of help and a few YouTube videos I navigated my way around basic html and setting up links and the like.  I know that if I want to grow I should go down the path of “self hosted” and “plug ins” and Google Analytics.  But that was never the plan.  It’s a record, a keepsake, an easy place to find my own recipes rather than going through my scrap book and files, knowing that piece of paper with the ingredients list is somewhere in the pile. It has also been an unexpectedly great way to come across other like minded, delightful people, each with their own story.

So following in Francesca’s footsteps here are my most popular posts over the last four years. Surprisingly, at the top of the list is this one on Sydney’s Best Cannoli.  It is a rare day when someone doesn’t look at it.  Forget doughnuts and tella balls, cannoli is where its at.


More understandably popular is this post on Sydney Private Dining Rooms, which needs a bit of an update given restaurant closures and new openings.  In the lead up to Christmas in particular this one gets a lot of hits.

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners S.r.l

It is very closely followed by Mamma Rosa’s lemon biscuits.  If you google “Italian lemon biscuits” somehow this one has made it to page one of Google.  I must make these again, the Marito loves them.

lemon biscuits (2)

Most months on the blog you’ll see an “In My Kitchen” post. The monthly IMK series was started by Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, and is a linkup of bloggers all around the world, showing, as the name suggests, what is going on in the kitchen.  Scour the posts of the global tribe of IMK’ers and you’ll see every manner of kitchen gadgets, ingredients, recipes, wedding and birthday preparations, and the occasional renovation. It’s good fun.  My most popular IMK post was when we left our very modern house of 13 years (which we built) and moved to a falling down heap with more space, which we adore.

imkdec15 (4)

And at the bottom of the pile is this Restaurant Dictionary.  Goodness knows we need one most times we dine out these days. But maybe only I do!


I never really expected to do this for four years. Will I do it for another four? I don’t know. But it is a nice change from the myriad of numbers I look at all day at my computer at work. Thanks so much to those who read and comment, I really do appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “Four years in

  1. Francesca

    Yes, you must do it for another four years Signorina. Let’s make a pact and keep going. I agree with you- it’s a great way to record life, whether it’s a handy journal of recipes, ones tht work or ones that are significant in the family. It’s also, for me, a place to write about travel experiences, as it is for you. And the friendships formed have been the unexpected bonus, so thank you for your blog, big sister by one year, I have enjoyed it very much and shall now revisit the cannolli post and the one I missed along the way about Sydney’s Private Dining Rooms and then go and make Mama Rosa’s biscotti.

  2. Glenda

    Hi Josephine Yes it is amazing which posts become popular. At the moment I am getting followers galore and I don’t know why or where they are coming from – I think it is Pinterest though. I am not interested in doiing anything to increase the traffic. It is just a hobby for me.

  3. Rhonda

    I love reading your blog it makes me feel
    A little envious that I can’t bake bread it also reminds me of our food chats back at work and every now and then I make the recipe ! Thank you !!! Don’t stop :)

  4. forfoodssake

    You’ll have to do a best cannoli part III!! Funnily enough, I’m probably the only Italian in the world that doesn’t get overly excited about Cannoli’s. But everyone loves the fact that I go for the chocolate ones! haha. Congratulations on four years! Quite a feat :)


  5. Moya

    Happy blog anniversary, it also surprises too regarding popular posts. I also blog for a hobby and have not plans to self host. Happy blogging into the future :)

  6. fergie51

    I didn’t even know you can see which posts are winners and losers! I really should take a bit more notice but like you, I see it as a record, a way of thinking things through and a great way to learn from others. Every time you mention Mama Rosa’s book I feel quite emotional. I just spent some time putting print outs of my favourite recipes into a display folder, just doesn’t work quite as well!


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