In my Spring kitchen, September 2016

Hello Spring.  I’ve been waiting for you.  Winter and I, well, we don’t really get along.   And I know that you’re here because my bread rises so much better.

imkaug16 (4)

So what’s been in the kitchen of late?

In my kitchen is homemade salami, courtesy of Mamma Rosa and Papa.   The bought stuff doesn’t taste that good when you grow up on this.  Drive through Sydney and peek inside Calabrese and Sicilian garages during Winter and you’ll find rows of these hanging out to dry.  When I was younger and my grandparents were able, my parents would go pick up a whole pig.  Friday night was spent chopping and preparing – there is a picture of me, circa six years old, in my school uniform wielding a large meat cleaver – and Saturday the sausages would get made.

imkaug16 (1)

The other day the Marito bought home some olive oil and caramelised balsamic from Mudgee, can’t wait to try it.

imkaug16 (3)

In my kitchen is a box of lettuce leaves.  There are a couple of lovely Italian grocers in the area (one has Eros Ramazzotti and Toto Cutugno and the like on constant rotation, love it) who give me lettuce scraps for “le galline”.  The chooks go completely wild over lettuce.  When I go check on them first thing in the morning, they’ve cottoned on to the fact that I’ll be armed with goodies.  There are nose-dives for the door.

imkaug16 (5)

With the weather getting warmer they are all laying pretty much every day.  This week we got our first double yoker!  I haven’t gotten to eat many of the eggs.  The boys get home from school and head for the coop.  They collect, cook, consume.  Every so often there are a couple of spares.  I’ve noticed there is a huge difference in the whites of eggs from home chooks versus bought.  They are thick and gelatinous and they whip like a dream.

imkaug16 (6)

In my kitchen is a flathead that the boys caught on Sunday morning.  Nothing like fishing from your own backyard! Though unfortunately after checking a few websites, we decided it wasn’t safe to eat.

imkaug16 (2)

The other night I made pizza for dinner, using my trusted dough recipe.   One of them was a “pizza bianca”, a white pizza, as those with no sauce are called.  Potato slices, fried in olive oil sprinkled with fresh rosemary, then drained on paper towels.  Onto the pizza they go with ricotta, more rosemary, salt, and parmesan.  Molto buono.

imkaug16 (7)

What’s happening in your Spring kitchen?

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16 thoughts on “In my Spring kitchen, September 2016

  1. Francesca

    I’m intrigued- what’s wrong with that gorgeous looking flathead? Did you catch it in a drain? Love Rosa’s salami: I bet it tastes so much better that the bought stuff.I can see that photo of you in the bacyarda with the cleaver.

    1. Napoli Restaurant Alert Post author

      Part of the river feeds into Sydney harbour, and a look at the Sydney Waterways website says that our lovely harbour still contains a little too many dioxins. I think Rosa’s salami would even convert you, signora vegacquariana

      1. Francesca

        I have been known to be a very bad vegetariana – when I see a good bit or salami, I go for it. Life is too short and I can’t afford to be too purist. Mr T and my daughter are usually disgusted. This only spurs me on.

  2. Johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe

    Your pizza looks really good – as does your bread – I am looking forward to some warmer weather for my bread too as the dough has been so slow rising lately! It’s great you can use up lettuce scraps by feeding the chooks – my mum has chooks and there is not much food she can’t use up by feeding them

  3. fergie51

    Thanks for asking about why no to the flathead Francesca. I did say to myself this morning it is one of the best times of the year for bread. Not too cold to stop fermenting and not too hot so ok to leave out of fridge overnight. Salami, oh my……I’m waiting to see how my first at at capicola turns out, hopefully as good looking as your Mama Rosa and and Papa’s.

      1. fergie51

        Little nervous its going to get too warm, its only been hanging a couple of weeks. I’ll have to move it to under my daughters house if it does warm up. Smells OK so far. :)

  4. Veganopoulous

    I love potato rosemary pizza though I don’t make it myself, must rectify that asap! I am already missing winter, we had a lovely spring day in Melbourne today but I am more a colder weather girl!

  5. tiffinbitesized

    That salami is to die for! I’m jealous. On other news, your pizza bianca has inspired my as I have so many potatoes and so much rosemary here at present. So that’s what we are having for dinner tonight! cheers and thanks for the shout out back to the blog : )

  6. Lisa

    My chickens go nuts for lettuce as well! You can certainly see how loved your girls are with that egg they’ve produced. Your bread looks amazing (and I’m also grateful to the other commenters as I was wondering what was wrong with that flathead too!) :)

  7. missfoodfairy

    I wish I knew how to make salami Josephine, your family’s salami looks absolutely amazing! I hope Maureen is feeling better soon as I’m missing everyone too. A double yoker! Amazing! I’m interested in finding out a bit more about your Mudgee olive oil & vinegar, they sound amazing – can’t wait to read your thoughts :) xx


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