In My Kitchen, August 2016

Roll on, Spring! I am willing it to come along faster by daringly planting some herbs last weekend.  Meanwhile, indoors in the kitchen…..

I picked up some kitchen goodies on our recent trip to Hawaii, where we escaped the cold for a couple of weeks.  We had the black salt a couple of times with fish at restaurants, so I thought I’d bring some home, along with the ubiquitous Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamias.  The mango wine isn’t actually Hawaiian, but I was curious; I’m going to save it for Summer.

imkaug16 (3)

In my kitchen are these KitchenAid utensils.  When the Marito bought a stand mixer for me a few Christmases ago, it came with a bonus pack of utensils.  Countless use and runs through the dishwasher, they have proved to be very durable.  I saw these for $4 each (they are $15-$20 each here, though who would pay that for a spatula is beyond me) and happily bought them home.

imkaug16 (2)

I also got this drawer knife holder, which I prefer to a knife block.

imkaug16 (4)

And this julienne peeler, its ideal for a few of the pasta dishes with zucchini that are regularly made in the Napoli household.

imkaug16 (1)

In my kitchen are some baked eggs, a Sunday breakfast for the Marito and I, with a mini loaf of bread fresh from the oven.  The boys prefer baguettes so I usually make those for them, and have missed making loaves.  I thought my starter, La Figlia, wouldn’t like the two weeks of neglect while we were overseas, and dried some as a back up, but it was actually fine and the bread tastes better than it did before.

imkaug16 (5)

The pantry was a bit bare when we got back so it was off to the Italian deli to stock up on staples and a few other things.  I spy some savoiardi and mascarpone – there is a tiramisu in the works.  I bought a dozen or so packets of pasta; the boys appetites are just enormous at the moment and they won’t last long.  I used to be able to do a 500g packet for the four of us, but that doesn’t cut it anymore.  The boys are thinner than beanpoles, it’s a mystery to all where their staggering quantity of food consumption goes.

imkaug16 (8)

In my kitchen are these new “Anylock” clips, which as the name implies, clip onto any packet for sealing.  They come in a few different sizes, and are ideal for the boys cereal.

imkaug16 (6)

But the big news of the Napoli household is that we got our first egg from our chooks! Lily, Jimmie and Bockan (don’t ask, the boys named them, and I don’t even know how to spell the last one) became part of the household six or so weeks ago, and were finally “old enough” to start laying.  We were all pretty excited….simple things in life as the saying goes. There’s now an egg every day, but once the warm weather starts its likely we will get three a day, one from each chook, which will be awesome.

imkaug16 (7)

The boys saw a website that sells chicken leashes, and want to get some so we can take them for a walk around our suburb – wouldn’t that be entertaining for the neighbourhood!  We bought the girls at Enfield Produce, which is a really great store, the boys did not want to leave.

What’s happening in your kitchen? Take a peak at kitchens around the world in other August IMK posts!

4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, August 2016

  1. Francesca

    Congratulations Signorina on your first egg. The boys will love collecting them and soon you will be a real chook lady too. Good to hear that your herb garden has begun too. Those clip sealers look great- I have never seen that sort before- like the width.And the big brekky with home made loaf looks inviting.

  2. Lisa

    Its a great feeling getting that first egg isn’t it! I love that drawer knife holder. Its quite ingenious actually! The clip holders look great… how does the salt taste compared to something a little more ordinary?


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