Umii Modern Izakaya, Drummoyne

umii (3)

There’s a new Japanese kid on the Inner West block, occupying the space next to the long time popular Ocean Foods.  A few of my friends had been and said it was pretty good, so we thought we’d give it a whirl.

Obviously keen to show off the freshness of their seafood, this rotating glass fridge of what is on offer is right at the front door.

umii (1)

So of course we have to try some sushi and sashimi, both of which are excellent quality.

umii (7)umii (6)

The waiter recommends the scampi with the foie gras, and while delicious (loved the mayo with chilli on the side), I do wonder if they have forgotten the foie gras as I can’t really taste it.

umii (4)

The steamed gyoza – a current favourite eat of my small folk – are straightforward and tasty.

umii (9)

The kiddie serve of tuna rolls on the menu that day is generous and I steal one.

umii (5)

The scallops alas are overcooked, probably the result of a kitchen that is a bit frenzied for Mother’s Day lunch.

umii (8)

But the frenzy has diminished a little by the time our last dish comes out, the salmon teriyaki, and this is textbook perfect and silky.  We are tempted to order another.

umii (10)

The restaurant space itself is dark, the table next to us commenting that they can’t read the menu, but I don’t mind it. And staff are friendly and enthusiastic. Overall a good experience.

umii (2)

Umii Modern Izakaya, 152 Lyons Road, Drummoyne Ph 02 9181 4666
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