In My Mother’s Day Kitchen, May 2016

In my kitchen this morning are these lovely Mother’s Day coupons from my darling boys.  Happy Mother’s Day to many deserving women around the world!


New to my kitchen this month is this antique bell, hailing from the early 1900’s, just a little younger than the home it now resides in.  In our previous modern cube of a house, I could tell where everyone was and it was easy to summon them for dinner, for a hand, for a chat.  In our “new” home with its thick stone walls and sprawling surrounds it is nearly impossible, and I go wandering around to find them.  Enter said bell. It works a treat.

imkmay16 (10)

In yet another sign that we were meant to embark on this crazy adventure of restoring this grand old beauty, the day after the bell arrived, I found a note it our letterbox.  It was a welcome note from a nearby neighbour we hadn’t yet met.  A bit of an historian, it contained a  write up of the house she had done several decades ago, detailing some of its features and history. She thought we might like to see it – aren’t people kind? But the bit that made my smile in particular was this:


This month I road tested the Valek rolling pin I got last month, and made some shortbread. So pretty! I want to try it on this chocolate cookie recipe.

The oven I have here only has one baking tray, which makes it inefficient when making batches of biscuits. I was having trouble finding one that fit, and stumbled across this adjustable baking tray which solved the problem.

imkmay16 (2)

I was surprised this month to see Callipo tuna at my local Coles.  Made in Italy in a factory close to Mamma Rosa’s village, it is in my opinion one of the best tunas around. Usually I only find it at the Italian deli’s I go to in the Inner West.  I wasn’t sure if this was a temporary product or not so I stocked up.  I used some to make these tuna patties.

imkmay16 (3)

I had a chuckle last month when I read the IMK post by Nancy at Plus Ate Six on some of the useless kitchen gadgets she had accumulated over the years.  We’re all guilty of that.  I got rid of most of my seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time stuff in the move.  But the other day I was going through cupboards (I’ve been reading Marie Kondo) and came across this, still in its box, unused.  Surely a knife would have sufficed!


In my kitchen are some metal straws. I first saw them at J&M bar and thought they were cool. But they are also better for the environment and apparently better for you than the cheapie plastic ones.  The boys are going through a straw phase at the moment so thought I’d get some.

imkmay16 (1)

On a domestic flight recently I watched a couple of episodes of Simply Nigella.  She made this delicious looking dish with squid and risoni, and while the recipe was fresh in my head I thought I’d give it a go.  The Marito loved it.

imkmay16 (7)

Today is a day where mothers are praised and adored. My Mamma Rosa, an incredibly selfless and generous woman, deserves plenty of it year round. In my kitchen are a batch of fresh tagliatelle she made for us. Grazie Mamma, today and always.

imkmay16 (5)

I hope you are having a lovely time in your kitchen, take a peek into kitchens around the world in this monthly link up hosted by Maureen at Orgasmic Chef.

13 thoughts on “In My Mother’s Day Kitchen, May 2016

  1. Gourmet Getaways

    Happy Mothers Day to you xxx
    Thank you for the peek inside your kitchen. I love the bell and the newspaper clipping. My nan used to live on a farm near Byron Bay and when my father was a child she used a large bell to call the kids in for a meal too!
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

  2. Lisa

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I love the bell and the lovely story from the neighbour… it was obviously meant to be! I have a glass straw which I love. I thought about metal ones, but the glass one lets me see that it’s clean – I worry about making sure the metal ones are washed properly on the inside as all my tiny pipe cleaner like scrubbers disappear for kids crafts if I’m not watching them carefully! :)

  3. Veganopoulous

    What a great story about the bell! And the pineapple slicer, yep I’ve been doing a bit of Konmari around here. I just got rid of an avocado/egg slicer. So far I have Marie Kondo’d my daughter’s wardrobe and my drawers for tops and I have to say I’m loving it. Ha, I reserved her book at the library and I’m about 30th in the reserve queue. I loooove Valek rolling pins, especially the cat ones but don’t have one. I have metal straws too, they felt really weird at first but I love them now :) Have a great Mother’s Day with those coupons!

  4. SeattleDee

    What lovely stories to share this month, from Mother’s Day to thoughtful neighbors and nifty gadgets too. The patterned rolling pin might actually tempt me to make a pie, though your shortbread cookies look scrumptious.

  5. Glenda

    Hi Josephine. I love your rolling pin. I really want one but don’t need one. Thanks for the heads up on the tuna, we have been looking for another brand as the one we usually buy is now packaged in Asia.

  6. Francesca

    I bet Mama Rosa loved that freshly made Tagliatelle- a perfect and fitting gift for your mother.
    Love that little cow bell too- such a different house you now live in. Useless gadgets- send them off to the op shop- you never know, someone might walk in, like Nancy, and ask for a pineapple slicer.

  7. ladyredspecs

    Your adjustable tray is a find. I have a similar swiss roll tin, have never been able to find that brand / that configuration again. History repeats itself it seems. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen

  8. missfoodfairy

    Love the homemade pasta your mum made Josephine. How good is that Calliope tuna, I had to buy some more when I went past Coles the other day :) I’ll have to keep my eyes open for an adjustable tray, would come in handy for everything. See you soon x


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