In My Kitchen, April 2016

Here we are in Autumn, but Sydney remains rather humid and balmy, with small bursts of cool weather a hint of what is to come.

In my kitchen this month are some delightful housewarming gifts. This stunning orchid, it looks like a lady bowing gracefully as you walk by.

imkapr16 (10)

A wood carved rolling pin to make decorative pastry and biscuits – isn’t the work on it just beautiful? It is from a Polish company called Valek, I can’t wait to try it.imkapr16 (1)

Another good friend bought me this cute little sign she found at a market in Queensland; she thought it would be nice to put in the garden pointing towards the water.imkapr16 (4)

In my kitchen is some sourdough from the Noma pop up at Barangaroo which a friend generously bought for me.  It was fantastic.  There was no bread at the actual restaurant, this was a separate stall they did for a short while.imkapr16 (5)

For Easter, the boys received these chocolate Darth Vader heads  – they loved them!imkapr16 (2)

In my kitchen is a batch of silverbeet and ricotta cannelloni, I made them for the freezer stash for an easy after work meal.imkapr16 (3)

With this endless stretch of warm weather – Sydney had over thirty consecutive days of over 26 degrees and not a drop of rain – it doesn’t seem like Winter will come but it will be here before you know it. I bought these great microwave cups for soups, which are ideal to take to work for lunch. One of my favourite soups is this leek, zucchini and pea soup.imkapr16 (9)

In my kitchen is champagne melon, or “yellow watermelon” as the boys call it.  They tried it when they were little on a trip to Thailand, and one of them adores it. We don’t find it often, and never whole, always cut.imkapr16 (7)

Another Asian fruit I love are rambutans, again not something you see frequently.  I gorge on these, mangosteens and dragon fruit whenever I am travelling in Asia.imkapr16 (6)

I have officially become my grandmother.  The other day I bought a shopping trolley.  At our new place it is quite a walk from the driveway to the kitchen, and multiple time consuming trips back and forth can be required after a grocery shop.  One day after a large shop I got the Marito to bring the wheelbarrow up to the car and wheeled everything down to the door in one go.  The Marito found this very amusing.  I found it rather practical.  Anyway the shopping trolley will help, but it will also be great when we go to the fish market and the Italian deli, or any food markets.

I remember Nonna, who never learnt to drive, walking to her local shops with her trolley in tow.  Sometimes during school holidays I would go with her.  She didn’t speak any English, but the shopkeepers got to know her, and with her sunny disposition and lots of hand gestures she always got what she needed.

imkapr16 (8)


I hope you are having a lovely time in your kitchen.  Thanks to Maureen from Orgasmic Chef who hosts these linkups, have a peek at kitchens around the world.

23 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, April 2016

  1. Nancy |Plus Ate Six

    I have serious envy over your new rolling pin – it is beautiful! I can’t tell you how many times walking back from the shops I wish I had a trolley – I wouldn’t worry about turning into your Nonna :)

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I have seen Valek’s work and I’m sure you’re going to love your rolling pin. I must be WAY older than you because I have two granny trolleys – one for me and one for him. I never go to a farmer’s market without them. Great stuff in your kitchen!

  3. ladyredspecs

    I developed tennis elbow years ago, the doctor told me it was from carrying heavy shopping bags, that’s my excuse for having a shopping trolley. Very practical! Love your rustic sign

  4. sherry from sherrys pickings

    what fabulous things in your kitchen. i love the darth vader heads; it would be fun to snap off his helmet. and what about that champagne melon? can’t say i have ever seen them before. that rolling pin is a thing of beauty for sure. it will make lovely baked goods. and that orchid is such a pretty thing too.

  5. fergie51

    Love the orchid, so delicate yet strong and I definitely want that rolling pin! How gorgeous is that? Thanks for reminding me to make cannelloni soon, haven’t for a while and I love it. Do you pre soften the tubes. I have only ever made it using lasagne noodles rolling them up. Take a close look at people who use shopping jeeps (trolleys) these days. Not only the grannies but all the trendy, gorgeous people too. I think we fit much better into that category! I’ve just upgraded to a 2 tier unit and it’s great :)

  6. My Kitchen Stories

    That is a lovely story about your Nonna. I can imagine her with her trolley. I haven’t seen the champagne melon for years. I wish I was as organised as you putting things in the freezer for later!

  7. grabyourfork

    Omigosh that rolling pin is amazing, and how delicious was that Noma bread?! Such incredible flavour and the crust was phenomenal.

  8. Francesca

    The shopping trolley is now a fashion item and a statement- so no Nana jokes, although I do enjoy your references to your Nonna, a sensible and practical woman, which you have now officially become.
    That rolling pin is sensational. Sounds like you are enjoying your new place. Yell out when ready for some of my home harvested seeds- all sorts of lettuce,cavolo nero, heritage tomatoes and so on.

  9. Louise

    An orchid makes a lovely housewarming gift. There are so many colors to choose from but I do believe white is my favorite. Simply lovely:)
    I’m not much of a bread baker but that doesn’t mean I just wouldn’t love to “play” with that rolling pin. Very special indeed.
    I had to laugh to myself at the cannelloni. I usually have a stash in the freezer too. It must come from my Italian upbringing, lol…
    I live in a very rural area in the US so I don’t see many trolleys. I have a feeling they are popular in places like New York City. Here we just trek the groceries in from the car and hope the weather likes us, lol…
    It’s been wonderful visiting your kitchen. I can see I am going to really enjoy this event. I dropped by your about me page and once again smiled. I too grew up in a very Italian household. I had no idea there were so many foods in the world besides Italian until I grew older. Funny how that is no matter what part of the world you live in.

    I really enjoyed my visit and will be back. Don’t mind if I take a chunk of Darth Vader’s “ear” to nibble on before I go. Very cool:)

    Thank you so much for the peek into your kitchen…

  10. Lisa

    That orchid is just stunning. I have never seen a champagne melon either – does it taste different from the red variety? I too love dragonfruit and mangosteen (and rambutan and sapotes… oh I’m hungry now!).

    I love that rolling pin and can’t wait to see what you create with it. What a fabulous invention!

  11. Eva Taylor

    I have one of those trollies too, mine is hot pink! I often take it up to our village to do the shopping, it’s so much easier than carrying the bags. I also use mine for my food styling kit, it makes it easy to carry a lot of heavy things.

  12. missfoodfairy

    I think having a trolley for shopping is sensible, why should we put our backs out by lifting uneven shopping bags that are heavy?! Why make unnecessary trips to the car when we can do it in one go! I have an esky on a trolley which is perfect for going to the markets – one trip & it all goes in – perfect :) I think I’m going to make some cannelloni now, you’ve made me want some! Lots of lovely beauties for #IMK this month x

  13. Gretchen

    What a beautiful rolling pin! The Darth Vader chocolate heads are great, too bad I hadn’t seen them in a store here as our boys would have loved them for Easter too. The champagne watermelon is great, we grew them one year and love the taste.


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