In My Kitchen, December 2015

After thirteen years, we’re moving. I’m sad to be leaving our peaceful street with our lovely kind neighbours. But it’s time for the next chapter. For some time now, the Marito and I have been after a little more land for the boys to run and play and have more outdoor freedom. We don’t need more house, just some space outside. So we’ve bought a bit of a tip which will take us a long time to fix, but it comes with plenty of grass. I’ll be able to have a proper vegetable patch and I’m pretty keen on a chicken coop. Our architect has been informed of key priorities – space for a nice big welcoming kitchen and a “kick ass pantry” (he’s quite a refined gentleman, I hope I didn’t offend him, but that pantry description summed it up perfectly). Somewhat eerily, the woman who lived there for nearly sixty years had the same first name as me and was also of Southern Italian origin – we knew it was a sign. I hope to spend my next sixty years there too.

So as we begin the arduous task of packing things in boxes I think back on all that has happened here. It is where we came as newlyweds, me a skinny twenty-something bride that the Marito carried over the threshold – how we laughed! It is where we sat in awe and shock and joy after the doctor told us we were expecting identical twins. It is where we bought them home after a long hospital stay, so so tiny that for the first few months they slept side by side in one cot; they’ve been joined at the hip ever since. It is where they said their first words and took their first steps. It is where we took on our first building project, knocking down the tiny crumbling old house to create a modern family home. It is where we got my husband back to health after a very long and very terrible illness. It is where I made decisions about managing my family and career, determined to do both. It is where I have written all these blog entries.

The kitchen, as is often the case, is the centre of the home. Creating meals, looking over homework, having a chat while standing at the stove. Flipping through cook books and magazines and figuring out what is on the family menu. Replicating things that Mamma Rosa made for me growing up, inching ever closer to getting them right. So many things in my kitchen over the years.

In my kitchen there has been food to share with friends, barbecues,

imkdec15 (2)


imkdec15 (1)


….biscuits made for gifts…..

imkdec15 (10)

…and for charity sales

imkdec15 (11)

There have been birthday cakes. One year the theme was Angry Birds….

imkdec15 (9)

…another it was Lego. I spent hours and hours creating different coloured chocolate Lego men

imkdec15 (8)

Then it was onto the Star Wars era

imkdec15 (3)

There have also been some spectacular fails. Back in 2010 I saw this recipe in Gourmet Traveller and thought I’d give it a go.

imkdec15 (5)

It didn’t quite turn out as advertised (I’ve learned a lot in five years!)

imkdec15 (6)

Nor did this ricotta layer cake, also from GT. But it tasted good.

imkdec15 (7)

There’s been pizza and gnocchi, always popular.

ricotta gnocchiimkdec15 (12)

In my kitchen is where I started what has now become a weekly ritual – making bread, thanks to Celia of Fig Jam & Lime Cordial, who hosts these great monthly linkups.

imkjune (7)

So my kitchen, I now hand you over to someone else, who I hope will enjoy you as much as I have. Farewell my kitchen!

imkdec15 (4)

22 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, December 2015

  1. Rhonda Rowland

    Good morning , made me tear up … I remember your renovations … Congratulations of your new purchase .. where are you moving to ? Are you going to live through the reno or supervise from the distance ??Funny isn’t it I day dream of my next move and its downsizing !! … but when Michael’s eldest moved back this year at age 25 to do his masters full-time I realised that may be a lot further away than I like to think !…maybe I should get another puppy !!!.. Congratulations again xx I love your blog >

  2. Francesca

    What a glorious post. Is that your kitchen? It looks like my idea of heaven!!! I can understand your need for more room- I have 20 acres to play with although sometimes the level of commitment required drives me nuts. I loved your nostalgic look at the events and cakes and mishaps along the way. It is a big move to make- best wishes for the journey.

    1. NapoliRestaurantAlert Post author

      It is my kitchen, and I may be mad to be leaving it to go to something dilapidated, but once upon a time that kitchen was dilapidated too. 20 acres! We are going to a fraction of that, but still, I am relishing the thought of more freedom.

  3. EllaDee

    Wonderful IMK post and pictorial retrospective. We’re on the move also but the due to culmination of a 10 year plan. Happy packing and best wishes for a new start in your new place with space.

  4. ladyredspecs

    We recently moved from our home of 18yrs, from ideal space to renovators delight. It’s been exhausting, frustrating and wonderful. We’re making new discoveries every day, about our space and community. Our renovation plans are constantly being refined, you have to live in a space to know how it works best. My best advice is to sort things out before you pack boxes, it saves a lot of work in the end. Good luck

    1. NapoliRestaurantAlert Post author

      Thanks – yes have done a lot of sorting thus far, a lot of charity shop visits and a bit of selling. Agree it will be good to live there before we start the renovations to get a feel for the light and sun. I am sure it will be worth it for both of us in teh long run!

  5. Nancy |Plus Ate Six

    What a beautiful post! I got all emotional reading it and thinking of all your milestones around the kitchen. But how exciting to be moving and making new memories – chooks, space, veggie patches and a reno – life is good!

  6. My Kitchen Stories

    Oh wow I enjoyed that post with the story and the things you have made. God I would kill for a kitchen like that. i am sure the next one will be even better , eventually

  7. Gretchen

    What a kitchen to be leaving! I can understand the need for outdoor space though, I have three boys and they are always outside. We only have just over 3/4 acre but that works for us as it is a quiet street and they play all over, including the empty wooded lot across the street with a creek. Unfortunately chickens aren’t allowed in the neighborhood, I guess the garden makes up for it a bit. Yes please, I want a kick ass pantry too! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane in your kitchen.

  8. Amanda (@lambsearshoney)

    Wow, that is one gorgeous kitchen – and what has come out of it looks pretty amazing too. I’m sure you will move on to bigger and better things! (I think your GT pear cake looks brilliant. I would have been happy with that result if I’d done it.)

  9. hotlyspiced

    You kitchen is stunning. You have so many memories in your home so I’m sure it will be a wrench to leave the home you have been in for so long. However, another chapter awaits and I’m sure you will have a lot of joy turning your dump into a beautiful family home. You certainly have been making a lot of beautiful cakes xx

  10. Ania @ Milk, Toast and Honey

    Such a beautiful post! Good luck with your new journey and hope the the house and the land deliver you the blessings. Happy December and here is to new beginnings x

  11. Lisa

    This post made me a bit teary. We are at the stage now where we need to decide whether to renovate or move for more space for the smalls. So many memories in a house, but, it is just a house… home is wherever your family is, and your reminiscing and pictures show that where-ever that place is, it is so full of love. I can see it through my screen. Good luck with your new beginnings (and SUCH a beautiful kitchen to leave!!!!). I love the description of “kick ass pantry”. I can picture it perfectly xx

  12. tiffinbitesized

    People wonder how I can live through a renovation but it’s preferable to packing and moving as far as I’m concerned. That chocolate quadruple layer cake is a stunner! (and I don’t mind the pear one either) I hope you enjoy your new home!


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