Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean

turks (8)A short flight away from Miami lies the Caribbean and its crystal clear seas.  There are over seven hundred islands in the Carribean, which one to choose?  After speaking to a few friends who were living or had lived in the US, we decided on Turks and Caicos.  The largest island in TCI, as its referred to, is Providenciales. Provo as the locals call it, and has its own little airport so its an easy 90 minute flight directly from Miami. We’re in British territory here, so are greeted with a photo of Queen Elizabeth and a wave of the British flag.

We hop into our taxi and head towards the Grace Bay Club.  The reception area is so pretty…turks (5)

…and our room is lovely and spacious.turks (10)turks (1)

And then we look out the window of our room towards Grace Bay beach.  This will do quite nicely for a week, thank you very much.turks (6)

Oh, the luxury of this clear, warm water and its clean white sand.  What a place to swim!  What I also liked is that there were no cruise liners to big ships, they aren’t allowed at Grace Bay, which often makes those ‘world’s most beautiful beaches’ list.  You might see a little dingy or a small speed boat occasionally, but that’s about it. No high rises either.  I wonder if it will still be the same here in twenty years time.turks (2)turks (3)

See those blue skies? It is pretty much like that all year round; it only rains here about 8 days a year. Though visitors generally avoid August and September when the heat gets intense.

Restaurants on the island tend to be expensive, particularly as almost everything is imported.    But there is plenty of locally caught fish on offer, they will let you know which ones.  I did like Café Caicos and Coco Bistro, the latter among pretty palms.turks (18)

But my pick of the food was the Thursday Provo Fish Fry, where there are various casual food stalls, local crafts, and some live music.  It’s loud and lively and colourful.  We had some fabulous jerk chicken, and the promised fried fish was just delicious.turks (17)turks (16)turks (11)turks (12)

There’s a cute little village to stroll through, and a nightly ice cream stop was deemed mandatory by the young Masters Napoli. There were a few to choose from; my favourite was The Patty Place, which had creamy Jamaican ice cream.turks (19)

This was a fabulous week of relaxation.  Sun and sea, the pool and a few good books, an evening stroll, in a glorious setting. Doesn’t get much better than that.turks (13)turks (7)turks (9)turks (14)turks (15)

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