In My Kitchen, January 2015

I’m joining Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’s In My Kitchen series again this month as the kitchen seems to be overflowing.  Although I really should call this “In My (or Someone Else’s) Garden” this time.   Visit any Italian nonna, comare, cugina right now and you’ll be handed (rather forcefully) their current pickings – so awesome.  So here is what you’ll find in my kitchen this January.

Figs, from a family friend.  I have a great dessert I make with figs, will post it soon.

imkjan (4)

Cucumbers, from my aunty, and tomatoes, from a family friend

imkjan (7)

Beans and zucchini, from my father-in-law.  There is no need to tamper much with produce like this, simply boil or steam it, season,  toss with extra virgin olive oil and some torn basil, delicious.

imkjan (5)

More zucchini flowers – a mountain of them! Lovely tossed through a pasta dish with olive oil, ricotta, basil and parmesan, or in a frittata.


I picked some basil from my garden, grated some Parmesan cheese and had the makings of zucchini fritters which Il Marito loves.

imkjan (8)

Cherries, fresh picked, a lovely gift.  Best fresh, but a cherry tart is good too.

imkjan (6)

Lettuce, from our own garden.  One of the trade offs of living close to the city and hence a very quick trip to work is that we don’t have a lot of land, but I do have room for 8-10 herbs, some spring onions and lettuce right now.

imkjan (3)

Cookbooks, borrowed from my local library (looking for some new family meal ideas).  I discovered recently that my local library in Lane Cove has an unbelievable cookbook section, better than most bookstores!

imkjan (9)

I also did a little bit of shopping at the post Christmas sales.  Next month is our 13 year wedding anniversary, and I’m finding a lot of our kitchenware and tableware we got as gifts back then is needing replacing – though I suppose they have had a good innings!  So there are a few new things in my kitchen.

Two baking dishes.  I was on the hunt for really deep ones.  For things like moussaka and this baked pasta I really needed those couple of extra centimetres (a raft of things I could say on that note, but I won’t).

imkjan (2)

Pizza trays.  I needed a some more – they boys appetites are growing and greater pizza quantities seem to be required these days, they will be eating us out of house and home soon.  When they spotted these ones with Napoli on them, they had to be bought.  Pizza dough is so easy to make and the boys can then do their own toppings. And of course there is nutella pizza for dessert.

imkjan (1)

This lovely bread basket, that was half price.


Some thermoses for the kids lunch box.  They were wanting hot lunches last year, some spaghetti Bolognese or some pasta e broccoli, so I went in search of thermoses. I liked these Contigo ones because they had a handle, found them on the new Your Home Depot site that I saw advertised – but beware if you look at it – you will find more things you will want to buy!


So lots of fun In My Kitchen this January, all the best to my fellow IMK posters for the year ahead!

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, January 2015

  1. SeattleDee

    What lovely produce and kitchen treasures, especially tempting since we’re in the midst of soggy, cool winter weather in Seattle. The container of zucchini flowers looks like a radiant bowl of summer sunshine.

  2. Kirsty

    Josephine, great looking baking dishes. Great bargain hunting too on the basket.
    All that produce looks sensational. Happy cooking! Kirsty xx

  3. tiffinbitesized

    There’s some synergy between our blogs this month – lots of gifted produce. Oh how I’d love some of those zucchini flowers though…The casseroles were a good spot and I bet you’ll get lots of use out of them. Thanks for the tour. cheers Fiona

  4. Francesca

    Cute little thermoses . And the zucchini flowers are impressive- are they also from your brother in law? Mario is in for a treat. A herb garden is an inner city must- and so good to add to any meal. I love libraries too: Sometimes I find it hard to give the cookbooks back though. The Napoli Pizza trays are a good find: authentic versions- love them.

    1. NapoliRestaurantAlert Post author

      If I really really love a cookbook and know I will make a lot of the recipes from it, I will buy it. But borrowing them is a great ‘try before you buy’ roadtest! Flowers I think were my father-in-laws, we had zucchini flower everything for a few days. I even stuff them with a little ricotta and parmesan and use them on a pizza topping sometimes for something different.

  5. missfoodfairy

    Happy New Year Josephine, lots of lovely fresh produce in your kitchen this month – you’re one lucky lady! Those figs, cherries & zucchini flowers are truly amazing! I also love those thermos jugs – I need one but I’m scared to look at that kitchenware store ;) Thanks for sharing – looking forward to some great inspiration with all that lovely produce! See you next month at IMK x

  6. johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe

    that is a lovely amount of produce you have received – and I am in awe at the pile of zucchini flowers – I found them at a market recently and they were just a few little ones in plastic but seeing yours shows home grown is just so different

  7. sherry from sherrys pickings

    look at all the lovely produce in your kitchen. it must really inspire you to think of great meals. oh yes i have too many cookbooks and if i try them from the library i usually end up buying anyway. i am addicted!. love the thermoses. i have a bit of an addiction to those too:)


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