In My Kitchen, December 2014

Every month the generous and talented Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts a segment on her blog called In My Kitchen, where food bloggers write about, um, what’s in their kitchen! Here’s what’s currently in mine.

Mangoes! How do I make thee? Let me count the ways. Mango smoothies, mango with yoghurt, mango with crepes, mango tiramisu, mango parfait, mango trifle, the possibilities are endless. It is one of my favourite things about Summer. I am a bit of a mango snob though, I will only eat Kensington Prides.

imk (2)

Panettone and Pandoro. These arrive from Italy each Christmas and Easter. I read the other day that 180 million are sold each year in Italy alone, quite staggering considering the population of the country is 60 million. Picked up this stash at my regular Italian deli the other day. One is for me to open on Christmas morning to have with my coffee (my Christmas ritual while the kids are in a mad rush of excitement opening their presents), one is to make my torta di verona for a family get together, and others for friends.

imk (1)

Caramelised balsamic. Also picked this up at the deli. Husband and I recently tried the Pakura one and we loved it. There was none in stock that day so we’re giving this one a go. It is quite pricey,  both brands are around $24 a bottle, but as Joe, my friendly deli hand said, it takes more than 5 litres of balsamic to make one of these bottles.

imk (3)

Zucchini flowers, courtesy of my father-in-law, who always has a bag of this, a little of that, from his garden to give us. Honestly how can anyone not love the warm months when there is food like this around!

imk (4)

Rosemary. Our rosemary plant has gotten enormous. Think it will be taller than me soon. Such a great, fragrant, versatile herb.

imk (7)

Callipo tuna. I discovered on one of our trips to Italy that the Callipo factory is actually quite near my mother’s village. It is our favourite tuna, so flavoursome.

imk (5)

Recipes, torn from magazines and newspapers.  I will file them in my recipe folders, one day…….

imk (6)

Biscotti – for Christmas gifts. This is my morning coffee biscuit recipe, I make these all the time and they are always appreciated by friends and at the office.


Hope you are enjoying whatever is in your kitchen!

19 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, December 2014

  1. Marian@Apricot Tart

    What a fabulous collection of goodies! I would love to be on your Christmas gift giving list – those biscotti sound beautiful! And those mangoes – what can I say! They are a favourite of mine as well!

  2. sherry from sherryspickings

    i have never seen that brand of tuna before. i once had ortiz tuna- it was an orgasmic experience:) sorry- i can’t agree about mangoes. i didn’t grow up with them so perhaps that is why i don’t like them.:) i buy long track pantry caramelised balsamic online. it is sooo good. merry xmas!

  3. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Thanks for joining in! I’m sorry I’m so late to all the posts this month – it’s been crazy busy here! But I’m sitting down now with a cuppa and a completely free Boxing Day! Hope Christmas was fabulous for you! The zucch flowers hold so much promise, and I’m sure your boxes of biscotti were a huge hit! And isn’t that true about rosemary – we grow a prostrate version now because the straight one nearly took over the garden! :)

  4. missfoodfairy

    WOW! Lots of amazingly beautiful goodies in your kitchen this month – loving the zucchini flowers (yumm!) How good is the caramalised balsamic!? I have the Pukura one too & I can’t get enough – was your deli balsamic good? I have heaps of magazines & loose recipes around too! One day . . . always one day ;) Happy New Year to you, see you next month for IMK


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