Florence, Italy


I knew this would happen.  I’m in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Florence, and I don’t want to leave my hotel. Maybe ever.

A couple of years ago we stayed at the Ferragamo family’s Portrait Hotel in Rome.  It was one of my favourite hotel stays of all time. So when I heard that they were opening another Portrait Hotel in Florence, I didn’t hesitate to book it.  The other reason I was keen is that they have family suites, which are often in short supply and high demand in Europe.

And it’s beautiful.  The epitome of modern elegance and style.  All I needed was a Fairy Godmother who could wave her magic wand and turn me into Audrey Hepburn so I could sit by the window and stare out, pouting appropriately.  The staff too, are fantastic, thoughtful and warm (and some of the best dressed hotel staff you’ll see anywhere!).  The fine eye for detail, comfort and quality I love in my Ferragamo shoes has been seemingly effortlessly translated to hotels.


The hotel breakfast is top notch – everything is excellent quality.  Because we were booked as Virtuoso guests (see below), the fabulous breakfast was included.


Eventually of course we do venture out and I am reminded why I love this little city – easily walkable, hardly any traffic due to car restrictions, amazing history, great food, and plenty of shopping.   A guide tells us there are 36 museums in Florence – enough to keep you busy for a while.  Of course don’t miss the magnificent Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia, and the Uffizi Gallery. And do go up to Piazzale Michelangelo for a lovely sweeping view over the rooftops.


And one thing to remember when you are in Florence – look up!  Some of the ceilings in these places are just as amazing as the statues and paintings you will see.


Do go to the Florence food market.  What a vibrant, fantastic market – we came here almost every day.


There are a few little counters where you can sit an eat, but otherwise just pick up some fresh bread, some cured meats, cheeses, salads, marinated vegetables, and make yourself a beautiful lunch.


On one of the days we saw something you don’t see too often – fresh truffles! At the bargain basement price of EUR800 per kilo.


We also stumbled across this fabulous grocer in Via Dello Studio called Pegna which was a treasure trove of goodies, some of which I bought home (and yes do declare them at customs).

A few places that we liked – Il Borro, on Via Lungarno Acciauoli, is a smart modern Tuscan bistro, with a small amount of outdoor seating but the interior fit out is beautiful.  I bought some of their fantastic olive oil to bring home.

il borro_marked

Cantinetta Antinori in Piazza Antinori is a more traditional Tuscan restaurant.  The star of the show here was a pasta dish with fresh porcini mushrooms. We don’t get fresh porcini in Australia and in fresh form they are fragrant yet delicate.  Combined with silky pappardelle, this was a winning dish.


We went to Il Pizzaiuolo for some good pizza, but I loved the Sfizio Misto, which had some potato croquettes, some arancini, and some zepulelle (a fried dough) – delicious.


For a casual and very central eat, try Osteria del Porcellino on Via Val di Lamoni near Piazza della Signoria. On the way there you will pass the porcellino statue – make sure you touch the nose – it apparently brings good luck!


Something there is an abundance of in Florence is gelatarie – I think it must be council law there to have at least one on every street! One of our favourites was Gelateria Santa Trinita, at Piazza Frescobaldi


On the shopping front, there are loads of stores everywhere in Florence, but for some of the most high end outlets you’ll ever see, head to The Mall at the Florence outskirts. A bus there, which costs 5 euro and takes a bout 40 minutes, can be caught from the bus depot at Via Santa Caterina di Siena. There are only about 25 stores but all very high end. The Prada and Gucci are enormous and I picked up some very very well priced shoes.

And then of course there are the random entertaining things you see when you are travelling…..


Florence, you’re a pretty steep competitor to Rome.

Belinda Manning is a luxury travel advisor and Virtuoso specialist http://agents.mtatravel.com.au/bmanning/


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