My mother’s recipe for a happy home

One year, a few months before my birthday, I told my mother that as a gift I would like a book with all her recipes written out for me. On the first page was this recipe, which I thought I would share for Mother’s Day. The translation is below. Thanks mum for everything. Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. x

To my dear daughter, a Recipe For a Happy Home
Take two hearts, dissolve into one, add a lot of love and mix well with respect.
Combine kindness, smiles, joy, faith and hope, and a great deal of care. Add understanding and don’t forget a lot of patience.
Add an ear that listens, let it grow, then scatter with smiles, hugs, kisses and put in the oven, for the rest of your life.
With all the love in the world, your mum.

mums recipe

Recipe for a Happy Home



10 thoughts on “My mother’s recipe for a happy home

  1. Lucy and Kelly

    Oh my goodness!! This literally bought tears to our eyes!! and your Mum’s writing is identical to our Grandads! This is so incredibly special!! <3 Love this and thank you so much for sharing! xx


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