Breakfast @ Rushcutters, Rushcutters Bay

December 2011. Hot new restaurant opens called Neild Avenue. Sydneysiders flock there (as apparently, according to Manu Fidel, we are all fickle here and only go to the newest and forget all our old faves). Service a shocker, food not much better. Sydneysiders flock elsewhere. Restaurant shuts down some 18 months after opening.

Fast forward to December 2013. One day while eating at Popolo (and note Manu I have even eaten there a few times!) I notice defunct Neild Avenue has been replaced with great looking place called Rushcutters. Mental note to try it, given my inherent fickleness. So husband and I duck in for breakfast one morning. Love love what they have done with the fit out. It’s sort of a modern barn if you like with such a lovely warmth, and great upholstery on the chairs, and other such well put together details. Martin Boetz is running the show here (I hope Longrain keeps up the good food without him!)


We start off with some very good coffee and a Botanica juice. Our waitress is friendly and helpful. I notice there’s an upstairs and there she tells me there is a private room for 18, which I note for future reference. They also do takeaway.

rushcutters 2

Breakfast, which is served till 11.30am, offers a good assortment of museli, fruit, eggs, pancakes. We try the buttermilk pancakes, with fruit, hive honey, goats curd; and the poached eggs, flaked smoked trout, green apple, capers, parsley on rye, and are very satisfied with both. The only let down (and this happens at so many breakfast places, a pet peeve of mine) is two eggs and one piece of toast (how much is an extra slice of bread folks?). It is a very pleasant breakfast in a great room. So Manu I might even come more than once, with the kids next time. A few friends have been for lunch and dinner and have had good things to say about the rest of the menu.



Rushcutters, 10 Neild Ave, Rushcutters Bay, Ph (02) 9326 9348

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