Monopole, Potts Point

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I’m here with a dear friend, who, when we see each other, kindly lets me drag her wherever I want to go. Now that she has moved to Melbourne though, our catch ups are less frequent, it’s often a quick coffee on work trips.  Our last big meal was a splurge at Vue de Monde.

Monopole is the younger sassy sister of Bentley, opening in December 2012.  It is dark, but more of a sultry dark, rather than I-can’t-see-what-I’m eating-or-who-I’m eating-with dark.  Fine wines line the walls, and there is bar seating as well as table seating, if you’d prefer to see the kitchen team in action. The most expensive dish on the menu is $28, which for this pedigree is frankly very good. There is also a $65 seven course tasting menu, though I think if there are two of you, you are better off ordering 3 different courses each and sharing them, you’ll be well full and likely come out ahead (we ordered 7 dishes and it was one or two too many, we were stuffed). The tables are pretty close together, so we had a good chat with our convivial neighbours and eyed off each others choices.

If you’re vegetarian you will really enjoy some of their dishes –

Sugar Snaps and Celtuce with Savoury Lemon Curd. Beautiful fresh vegetables, but what made it a standout was that lemon curd.  Very clever, very delicious.


Polenta with Baby Corn – this was a much creamier, more runny style than what you would have in a traditional Italian polenta.


And for the meatlovers –

Chicken Liver Parfait with Grilled Sourdough.  It was good texturally, not a smooth as others I’ve add and probably not the best flavour. What I did like is that they were generous with the sourdough.  Often with pate and parfait you get a few little slivers that are never enough.


Roasted Pork Neck, Mustard Beans Parsley & Mint.  Nice smokey flavour to the pork (it was served very pink though which may not be to everyone’s taste) with nice crunchy beans.


And then from the sea – Snapper, Pumpkin, Zucchini & Black Olive.  Like the other dishes, a nice sized serve, and a gorgeous pumpkin puree that we scooped up with bread, reluctant to leave any of it behind.

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There were only two desserts, but I liked one and my friend liked the other, so we ordered both.  Very generous serve and one would certainly have been enough for both of us. I thought the desserts here were much better than Bentley.

Strawberries and Cream with white chocolate milk crumb. Stunning looking dish, with a combination of fresh and dehydrated strawberries, and good texture from the addition of the chocolate crumb.

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My pick was Pineapple, Lime Meringue & Coconut with Mint & Verjus Granita.  It was a hot Summer night, and I though this sounded very refreshing, which it was. A great flavour and texture combination.

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Monopole, 71A Macleay St, Potts Point Ph (02) 9360 4410

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