Bridge Street Garage Bar & Diner, Sydney


I’ve been eyeing off this place every night driving home for the last few months. Its hard to miss the big neon sign, and the industrial type space through the big windows, reflecting its heritage as an actual garage once upon a time. With an Argentinian chef at the helm, its meant to be an American diner/South American cross. So it is no surprise that meat features heavily on the menu.

There are a few good value banquets which I’d seen on the website, $25, $40, and $60, so we opt for the $25 and order a few extra dishes we like the sound of. Our waitress is friendly and keen, but has no idea they even have banquet menus, and has to go ask someone about them.

We start with the guacamole. It is stock standard, probably slightly too acidic, certainly not as good as Mejico’s, lacking the texture and flavour of the latter.


The empanadas on the other hand, which come with a beef or corn filling, are done well – a good pastry, a tender beef filling, and a great acidic sauce.


Buffalo wings are next – Spicy chicken wings coated in a sticky BBQ sauce and served with fresh-cut vegetables and a blue cheese sauce.  I found the presentation of this dish particularly unappealing.  As for the taste, there was a good smokiness to it, but it tasted like sauce from a jar.


Next off is the Garage Burger – Angus & Wagyu beef patty with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, bacon, pickles and sauces in a toasted bun, and hand-cut chips on the side.  The burger combo is a good one, and I polish it off quickly.  The chips are underseasoned though and have no special quality to them, so I leave them.


Deep fried southern crispy chicken, served with a coleslaw salad and Garage sauce. I didn’t try this so don’t know how it compares to Mary’s or Hartsyard, but my dining companions give it an “okay”.


Sticky pork ribs. These are apparently slow roasted for over 4 hours, so I expect them to be meltingly tender.  And while the flavour is good, the ribs themselves are a little tough.


The bill is presented in some part of a motor engine (don’t ask me what part, I’m a girl) and it’s a nice touch.

The CBD really needed something like Bridge Street Garage, but unfortunately I don’t think they quite have the formula right yet and won’t be hurrying back.

Bridge St Garage, 17-19 Bridge Street, Ph (02) 9251 9392

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