Liquid nitrogen “snacks” @ Alchemy, Brisbane

After a very pleasant meal at Alchemy in the Brisbane CBD overlooking the river, the waiter comes by to offer us dessert. We are comfortably full and decline.  And he suggests, would you like to try some of our liquid nitrogen snacks, they are a small treat? This sounds interesting and we take him up on the offer. We accompany him to a separate section of the restaurant, where, donned with gloves, one of the staff picks up a mother of tank of liquid nitrogen and pours it into a bowl.



First, there is a honeycomb.  It goes into the nitrogen for 20-30 seconds then is served to us on a little tray.  Its crunchy and delicious, and eating it is hilarious, we have smoke coming out of our ears, mouth and nose and can’t stop laughing.

Next is a chocolate tiramisu mouse.  The mouse is sprayed into the bowl from a dispenser, and quickly turns into a frozen delicious ball.

But my favourite is an mascarpone orange mousse with Grand Manier (which I adore in desserts).

For $8, it was good fun entertainment.

Alchemy, 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Ph (07) 3229 3175
Alchemy Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

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