Buzo, Woollahra

In the tough restaurant game, when a place clocks up 10 years, it says a lot. When its almost full, bar a table or two, on a Tuesday night in Winter after all that time, it says even more. But those in the know will not be surprised that Buzo has lasted the distance – the comforting Italian fare without hype and trickery, in an intimate Woollahra terrace, will linger in your thoughts well after the meal is over, and lure you back.

The staff are charming and friendly, and plump flavoursome green olives are a good start to snack on while you debate what to order. But there are a few dishes that are pretty difficult to go past that I’ve ordered time and time again.

The cabbage salad and the chicken wings are long timers on the menu (though the latter a little small for the $19 price I think), and I love them both. I’ve made the cabbage salad at home too, but have to do some finer slicing next time.

002 (2)

004 (2)That night we also order a special – onions stuffed with beef and I think parmigiano – I can’t remember the specifics, but they were little balls of beautiful flavour, which should get moved to permanent status!

003 (2)

I also always struggle to go past the Vincisgrassi lasagne (its on my list of Must Have Pasta dishes). Before it hits the table you know its coming – that combined scent of truffle, porcini, and parmigiano being walked through the restaurant makes other diners curse about not ordering it. It’s rich, it’s decadent, it’s devine. The other dish they have had on the menu occasionally is a duck ragu with parpadelle, yum.


And finally the Torta di Verona – if I had a Must Have Dessert list, this would be on it. Pandoro, mascarpone, blueberries, and almonds – a simple combination that has people I’ve been with regularly oh-my-Godding at the table. I would say they make their own pandoro, which would be no mean feat, but I’ll wait till Christmas when it arrives from Italy, and have a go at making this myself – stay tuned.

007 (2)

We also tried a special that night, a brioche with whisky ice cream. Loved the ice cream, but the brioche was a little too firm for me.

006 (2)

Buzo, 3 Jersey Road Woollahra, ph 02 9328 1600

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3 thoughts on “Buzo, Woollahra

  1. Carole Campbell

    Hello!!! Perfect timing – I have reservation for Buzo for next Friday night!!! ANd now I know what to order. Carole


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