Cafe Sopra, Bridge St, Sydney

I was a regular visitor to Danks Street in Waterloo, for the sole purpose of going to Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, so I was delighted when it opened on Bridge Street in the CBD.  I recall when it opened without too much fanfare or advertising, in an underground not-so-visible basement, and wandered over 3 days after thinking a table would be no issue – they don’t take bookings – and the place was already packed. Doesn’t take long for the word to get out.

Roll on 18 months and not much has changed – if you want a seat at lunch, its best to get there at 12pm, no later, or opt for a late lunch at 1.30pm, otherwise generally be prepared to wait.  The reason for the popularity is simple – its good quality, fresh, accessible Italian food at very reasonable prices.  There’s also a pizza and mozzarella bar. Come here over Jamie’s Italian any day of the week.

I’d be suprised at anyone who didn’t find something they like on this menu:


I love the bolognese ragu here, its on my list of must have pasta dishes, though that particular day it was underseasoned, which I hope was just a one off.   Make sure you have the zucchini flowers if they are on the menu, and their tiramisu is also excellent. You can easily eat here for under $30, which is yet another drawcard. Have a quick pasta on your own at the bar, or share a few antipasti with friends.


Cafe Sopra, 11 Bridge Street Sydney, ph (02) 8298 2701

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