Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe, Homebush

A sprawling space on Parramatta Road, Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe has just what its name implies – lots of coffee, roasted on the premises, a deli where you can pick up freshly sliced smallgoods and other Italian treats, and a cafe.

The menu has a range of pastas, pizzas, meat dishes, salads and panini.  Not sure if ‘cafe’ is the right name though, these are well and truly restaurant prices – even the panini were an exorbitant $23 and a basic Pizza Margherita $26, while a fillet steak and chips was $36 – it is very expensive and overpriced for what it is, but I will say that the pizza was very good indeed. Similarly the deli goods aren’t bargain prices.


Ham and mushroom027

Would I drive to Homebush especially to come here? Probably not.  But would I drop in for a pizza if I happened to be on Parramatta Road going somewhere else – maybe.


Coffee Warehouse Deli & Cafe, 17-35 Paramatta Road, Homebush, ph (02) 9764 8822
Coffee Warehouse: Cafe & Deli on Urbanspoon

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