Terrazza, Chatswood


Full disclosure peeps.  The co-owner of Terrazza, Daniel, is a friend of mine.  He’s one of the funniest blokes I’ve ever met and should have his own Reality TV Show, or something.  I’m here with my big loud Italian family for my nephew’s birthday, as the place caters well for groups and has some very well priced banquets.

Terrazza is in the concourse development in Chatswood and opened about 18 months ago . It’s a wide open space which is great for the kids to run around.  There’s a handful of restaurants to choose from and a Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream.

All your Italian classics are here, antipasto, calamari fritti, a dozen or so different pastas, pizza and a handful of meat/chicken/fish mains.  The pizza bases are excellent, so I personally would stick with the ones with simple toppings with a couple of ingredients.  If you’re here with a few friends and share some entrees and have a pizza each, you’ll be out with $35-40 a person.  Kiddie meals are from $9.90-$15.90.  This isn’t a Buon Ricordo, but its classic neighbourhood Italian that will have something to please everyone.

Garlic pizza – my pick of the tapenades was the pesto

Garlic Bread, light and fluffy


Calamari – super tender and a table favourite

Pizza Diavola, with a bit of a kick

Supreme Pizza


Seafood Pizza – another table favourite

Nutella Pizza – nice touch with the strawberries

Terrazza Cafe Restaurant Pizzeria, Shop 3 The Concourse, 405-419 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, ph (02) 9419 5304

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