Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst

We’re well and truly in Autumn, and April is just around the corner, but its still warm in Sydney and plenty of time to sneak in some more gelato before the cold weather sets in.   We head on over to acclaimed gelataria Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst.  I gather by the name Messina that these people are from Sicily, and Sicilians sure know their sweets.  I see that these guys also run gelato making classes but they are SOLD OUT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, and they are taking names for 2014……in Sydney there is a list for everything.

The technique is old school, like Cow and Moon, but in terms of available flavours as well as the classics there are some non-conventional ones, like N2 Extreme Gelato. They have a selection of regulars as well as daily specials.

IMG-20130324-00047 IMG-20130324-00048

Next door, they also do these stunning looking “monoporzione”- single portion gelato creations – they look like works of art and its hard to imagine eating them.


Mmmm apple pie, salted coconut, pannacotta with fig jam, pear and rhubarb, dulce de leche….what to have!!! Fortunately they do this ‘tasting plate’ where you get to choose 5 flavours – great value for $12.  The salted caramel (far right) and the pear and rhubarb (centre) – yuuuuuuuum.


Its a very close call, and I can see why there’s always a queue even in winter, but I think I’ll go out on a limb here and say that texturally I slightly prefer Cow and Moon. The difficulties of fabulous choices.

Gelato Messina, Shop 1/241 Victoria St, Darlinghurst ph 02 8354 1223

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1 thought on “Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst

  1. Sam

    I’m booked in for a Messina class in September! I booked it within an hour of them releasing the 2013 classes I’m so excited! My favourite Messina staple is always Italian Nougat :)


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