Sails at Lavendar Bay

Ah, food with a view. Its always a bit controversial in Sydney. Plenty of places figure that good can be ‘good enough’ because they’re always going to get enough through traffic or tourist trade to keep things ticking along. So here I am at Sails at Macmahons Point – its a gray and miserable day, but even that doesn’t dampen the majestic view. Its a medium size glass framed restaurant to optimise the view with a ferry stop conveniently located at its door.  There’s also a valet parking service if you’re driving, which is a good idea as spots are hard to come by there.


Its not a large menu, but there’s enough there to tempt and choose from. I start with an entree of Crystal Bay prawns with a crab and shallot pastille and sweet corn puree. Packed full of flavour, but the plate was also scattered with popcorn, which really didn’t work.  If you order this, ask them to hold the kernels!

Then onto Eye Fillet with polenta and salsa verde. A well cooked piece of meat and creamy polenta, but the salsa verde was somewhat bitter and unpleasant.


Caramelised Onion and Oyster mushroom tarte tatin, with asparagus, tomatoes, emmental, truffle and chive dressing – looked like spring on a plate!


For dessert, raspberry and basil creme brulee with raspberry sorbet. I couldn’t taste basil, but I could taste a good hit of Amaretto or some other almond liquer, which isn’t mentioned in the description.  Brulee was slightly heavy.


As far as food with a view goes, they do reasonably well. It comes with punchy pricing, with mains in the $38-43 range. Service however was very snooty indeed and the staff were not warm or welcoming.  It was really hard to get anyone’s attention – but really we shouldn’t have needed to be trying to get someone’s attention to order after being there for 20 minutes, someone should have approached us by then.  Similarly difficult to ask for the bill, I think we could have done a runner!

Personally I’m not that hung up about food with a view – our beautiful harbour is free and can be enjoyed in many ways.  Given the choice, I’d rather have outstanding food in a plain room with some great company, than decent/good food in beautiful surrounds – but that said, there’s a time and place for everything

Sails at Lavendar Bay, 2 Henry Lawson Ave, McMahons Point, Ph (02) 9955 5998

Sails on Lavender Bay on Urbanspoon

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