The Cow and Moon Artisan Gelato, Enmore


So after our pizza at La Disfida, we zip up the road to Enmore to The Cow and Moon. We arrive and grab a table, and a few minutes later it seems 30 other people appear out of nowhere at the counter. This is ‘artisan’ gelato – old school – and damn, its good. All my old favourites are there. You’ll find some modern flavours, but nothing out there like N2 Extreme Gelato.  My buddy Salvatore (who makes his own gelato as well as pizza, the village is starving while he’s on his jaunt Down Under) peers into the window of the “Gelato Lab” and claims they have all the “proper” stuff to make a good quality product.


The staff were quite happy to let us try a few samples before we decided. What we ended up with – from left to right: Strawberry & Balsamic (devine) and Vanilla Bean (probably the only one I didn’t rate); Strawberry Sorbet & Mango Sorbet; and Hazelnut & Pistachio – I couldn’t decide which of these two was better. If you happen to be hooning down Enmore Road, make sure you stop at this corner.


The Cow and Moon, 181 Enmore Road, Enmore, ph 02 9557 4255

Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato on Urbanspoon

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