Salt Meats Cheese, Alexandria


Salt Meats Cheese is a treasure trove of (mostly Italian/European) food products – the more you look, the more you’ll find. A large warehouse space next to The Grounds, most of the staff are native Italian, from Liguria in the North – they know their stuff and are enthusiastic about what they have to offer. They also have a cooking school.


Sauces, cheeses, cured meats, pasta, vinegar, coffee, truffle products, honey, chocolate, stock, olive oil, canned fish, gelato, pulses, brioche, the list goes on and on. There is also a plethora of flavoured salts – the vine ripened tomato smelt just devine. I love wandering around places like this and thinking of all the possibilities that could result at home in the kitchen.

They make fresh mozzarella on the premises and will generously let you have a taste.  At the back there is a prosciutto and jamon bar if you need some nourishment before going on your treasure hunt and stocking your shopping basket.








The Mozarella Dude in “The Lab”



Flavoured Salts



IMG_3656 - Copy
The Prosciutto and Jamon Bar



The Cheese Room


Comparing it to the Italian delicatessans in the Inner West I have been frequenting for years, pricing is, overall, very decent, and would certainly be better than your Simon Johnson/Jones the Grocer type stores. If you’re having breakfast at The Grounds its worth a wander, and if you’re not, its worth a wander anyway.

Salt Meats Cheese, 41 Bourke Road, Alexandria, Open 7 Days

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