N2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown


Its not just all about the artistry here. N2 is the creation of the affable Min, who I figured had some kind of background in chemistry. But no, he was a bored accountant who wanted to do something different. It took many months to perfect the techniques first of developing unusual flavours, and second using liquid nitrogen to make ‘instant gelato’. In a couple of words, its uber cool, no pun intended.


The list of flavours is relatively small compared to your standard gelateria (however of course this is nowhere near standard), but they change every Thursday, and most you will not have seen before elsewhere. On the menu that day were: Truffled Popcorn, Sour Cream Chocolate, Salt & Pepper and calamari (really), Chocolate Nibbles, Mango Sorbet, Earl Grey Caramel, Ice Lemon Puerh, and Blackberry Cheesecake.  The flavours sit in liquid form lined up in giant beakers, and once you choose what you want the white coated staff spring into action.


The Kitchen Aids whir, the smoke billows, and presto! Its gelato!


The result is beautifully smooth gelato. The Earl Grey Caramel was just gorgeous and I couldn’t stop eating it. The mango tasted like real mango. The Sour Cream Chocolate was oh so creamy. We weren’t brave enough to try the salt and pepper icecream with the dehydrated sprinkle of calamari (optional!) but Min assured us it was more about the tang of the white pepper and not fishy, maybe next time. At $6 a scoop its not cheap, but they are very generous scoops and given the quality I’m happy to pay for it again, especially on a cracking Sydney Summer day like today.


There is a ‘flavour archive’ board at the back. Get a load of some of these! I’d love to try the Me So Happy which is a Miso Caramel Combo.  Min mentioned that funnily enough the best seller was plain old Cookies and Cream – we need to get more adventurous peeps!


N2 Extreme Gelato, 43/1 Dixon Street, Sydney


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