Masuya, Sydney CBD


Masuya is one of a handful of consistent quality Sydney CBD Japanese that keeps the City’s Suits wasabi’d up. Along with Kabuki Shiroko, sushi-e, and Azuma (although I will add that I think these three are better, and also I love Sake in the Rocks but that’s not technically CBD!), you’ll find the Suits, and a smattering of others, clicking their chopsticks like seasoned Japanese natives, such is the established history of the cuisine in Australia. In fact I read that the first Japanese restaurant opened in Sydney the early 70’s. On every visit I’ve made to Masuya, there hasn’t been a spare seat in the house, except maybe along the sushi counter if you’re dining solo, so be sure to book. The place does get very noisy though so don’t expect a quiet and intimate meal.

The Bento boxes in particular are good value and satisfying in size if you want a quick lunch, that range from $24.80 to $34.80 in price.


On the menu that day

Deluxe sashimi, lovely and fresh, particularly good tuna and salmon


Tempura seafood – very light, as tempura should be, great dipping sauce


Soft shell crab roll – very tasty


Salmon teriyaki – not as good, slightly overcooked. Nicely balanced teriyaki flavour but wouldn’t order it again.


Value for money here is good, if you’re dining with a couple of friends and want to share a few dishes you can easily come in at under $35 a person. Meshiagare!

Masuya, 12-14 O’Connell Street  Sydney, ph (02) 9235 2717
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