Today’s cake – Coffee Hazelnut Frangelico Cake

How best to end one year and begin another than with an extravagant three layer cake?


Full credit to this one from Katie Quinn, recipe link here

A few notes on my experience with the recipe if you want to have a go at it
– It takes a fair bit of time so be prepared. Get all the hazelnuts done the night before to make it more efficient
– the cakes were well cooked in 35-40 minutes, rather than the 40-50 suggested, so keep an eye on them. Of course it depends on your oven. I have a Miele and I find cakes almost always cook quicker than the suggested time.
– I bashed the sand about a bit with a hand whisk to make it ‘sandier’
– the ganache proportions were out – it was way too runny, you need more chocolate. Usually ganache is 2:1 chocolate:cream. I had to do it again with different proportions.

Some shots from assembly


Happy 2013!


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