Gastro Park – seriously edgy food

I remember when this place opened. Oh, the endless jibes about the name, what were they thinking? But go there and you’ll forget the innuendo and realise exactly what they are on about.  Its a gastronomic playdate for your senses.  This is clever, creative food at its finest, and I’ll be back to experience it again.

It was a lunchtime visit, and I have to say the service was a bit slapdash and overfamiliar.  We also had to almost jump up and down to get their attention on occasion, hopefully they’ve got it together since then.

Given its proximity to Kings Cross, I’ve heard a dinner visit can be, ahem, colourful, with more than the food to look at. Kings Cross restaurants have been doing it tough of late, with Bistro Ortolan sadly closing and other restauranteurs saying they are finding it difficult.  I just don’t think its appealing as a suburb when you’re going out for fine dining. Hopefully this place does not have the same fate.

The photos of the food speak for themselves:

Puttanesca wafer

Foie Gras, Wild Hare and Beetroot

Mushroom and onion macchiato

Slow cooked egg, trompette sauce and fresh truffle

Liquid butternut gnocchi with mushroom consomme

Textures of duck with wild mushroom tagliatelle

Slow cooked quail breast

Smoked mash potato with truffle sauce

Nitro pavlova, mango, pineapple, coconut

Pain pardu with caramelised apple and balsamic ice cream

Gastro Park, 5-9 Roslyn Street  Potts Point, ph (02) 8068 1017

Gastro Park on Urbanspoon

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