Is Via Napoli Sydney’s best pizza?

Via Napoli Pizzeria happens to share my surname. It also happens to be a couple of kilometres from my house, so I can pick up a metre long any night of the week (and I’m not talking about the stocky Italian wait staff). But unlike Luigi and his crew, I hail from further south, but thank the Napolitani for the invention of an Italian staple.

Many have claimed that Via Napoli is a contender for The Title. The place has been getting a tonne of press lately with all the big name Italian Chefs – Armando Percuoco, Adriano Zumbo, Alessandro Pavoni, and Giovanni Pilu for starters – showing up and giving it a plug. With a metre long pizza for $60, as opposed to Criniti’s $95, they pack them in night after night. There’s also a Fantasy Pizza (they really must change that name, sounds like a bad movie) every night, which is a random that pizzaoili feel like whipping up ….if you can, whisper to one of them find out if its the one with a heap of fresh seafood on it.

So does it get my vote? My favourite is still Lucio’s at Darlinghurt (sorry Luigi, but I still want to know where you got those briscola themed espresso cups) – the base, the quality of the toppings, the Lucio half pizza/half calzone – devine. The antipasto platter is great too. Via Napoli in my view has the stone oven – brought in painstakingly from The Motherland – temperature just a little too high, which can lead to a bit too much charring around the edges for my liking, and a softer centre. But its still on my list. I also like the calamari and the croquettes here.

There’s also RossoPomodoro at Balmain (don’t ask for an ‘alf and ‘alf, or pineapple, or any additions or changes for that matter, you’ll get a death stare from these pizza puritans), Popolo at Potts Point (on my to do list), Cavallino at TerryHills, and Pizza Mario in Surry Hills. I also used to be a fan of La Disfida at Haberfield, but I have not tried it since it changed hands.

In other news, no need to go to Melbourne any more, Movida has opened in Sydney! Hopefully Frank has the liver parfait with the PedroXiminez foam on the menu, and the Jamon croquetas. If not I’ll start a petition.

Have a great week

Via Napoli Pizzeria, 3/141 Longueville Road, Lane Cove, ph  (02)9428 3297

Lucio Pizzeria, 1/248 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, ph  (02) 9332 3766

Via Napoli Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Lucio Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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