Barrafina on Bligh

03 Sept 12 – Looking for something to eat, three hungry people saw a bright yellow sign labelled Barrafina Tapas.  In we went.  Its namesake sits in the West End in London.  The owner assured us he’d been to that one “at least 600 times” and was determined to replicate it in Sydney.  He himself is a Greek from Bondi, but he’s imported a couple of Spaniards to keep it real.  I dare say they’re happy to have their hands on a 457. It’s an interesting yet familiar tapas menu, croquetas, jamon, chorizo, pork belly.  All got the thumbs up and the pricing is incredibly reasonable , giving us some respite  in this era of Austerity Measures. No doubt we’ll be back to work our way through the list on the blackboard . Given its pricing and proximity to the banking sextet, or however many of us are left in the surrounding block these days, it should do very well.  The takeaway jamon bocadillos at $10 look a steal, but we’ve been advised to call ahead and order before 12.30pm. If you go in with a hangover  (to pick up a Spanish style breakfast BLT with machengo), take your sunnies, the yellow stools and walls might knock you about a bit.

I’ve also got my eye on Bar H at Surry Hills.  The menu looks quirky and creative, and in the land of $45 mains, an 8 course banquet at $75 is a welcome relief.  Hamish’s pedigree is solid, including Chez Panisse , Milsons and Billy Kwongs. They also run cooking classes which look like fun.

Oh, and by the way, that suckling pig at Pilu on the weekend – the crackling was superb. But for me the dish of the night was the Sardinian pasta malloreddus with spanner crab, guanciale and crispy bread – worth a try if you happen to find yourself in Freshwater.


Have a great week

Barrafina Tapas Bar, 2 Bligh St, ph 02 9231 2551

Barrafina Tapas Bar on Urbanspoon

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